Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yay for...poop?!

So I haven't posted in a bit. It's been busy. My sister leaves for the Corrections Academy this week, so we threw her a "Good Luck and Go Away" party. It was fun. Marc made Chili; Sarah and I made snickerdoodles. We had ice cream sundaes. The Sabres won...fun.

However, rewind a few days. Friday night, Sarah and I walk in the door from grocery shopping. Marc's cleaning up kitty puke. Great. Then he tells me Salem ate something--shocker. He always is eating something a cat shouldn't even want to eat. Salem seemed to be ok. He begged for food, climbed on the table...ate his dinner--and his snack. And, then, at 2:30 am, he heaved it all over our bed. All that dinner and snack. Gross! Bad...that means he still had a piece of that silicon cell phone cover in his belly (yep, that's what he ate).

We've been through this before. Many times, once it required surgery.  We feared that was the case this time and we weren't sure we could justify the expense a second time. This cat, well, he's Marc's baby. And just thinking about this was killing him.
So we get down to work to get this thing out of his system. Doctors we aren't. But we knew that he still needed fluids. So how to get a cat to drink? We've mastered this feat--tuna juice. Gross, disgusting. But even a sick cat will usually drink it. There wasn't much interest. There was another puking episode. And then lethargy, no grooming, hiding, no begging. Not good.

Marc decided that he needed to spoon feed the cat. We were out of tuna juice (Jasmine on the other hand was loving the actual tuna). He tried chicken broth that we stole from his mother. That mixed with wet cat food "goop" on a spoon...slowly the cat took it. We went to bed hoping to avoid another late night cleaning...

The next morning...no late night interruptions, and we scoured the house for any hidden puke-age. Nothing, yay? So we had a party to plan for...I had some screens to bring for repair. My two youngest siblings were over--the youngest was in the shower. I left the house...got about two blocks away. My phone rings..it's Marc....there is water pouring into the basement. Crap, crap, crap---so my mind is tallying up the assumed vet bill and a plumber...crap!

S1050067But I get home...the leak is not really a leak, but water on the bathroom floor dripping down to the basement. Not good, but no plumber needed. We know how to avoid THIS problem.

Then, I kicked a bottle cap...and Salem chased it. He played, there was life...and he started crying to me for food. I gave him tuna juice (I had gone to the grocery store)...he lapped it up and looked for more. I gave him a little tuna...he devoured it.  Throughout the day, he was gooming, playing, socializing, being mischievous. Yay! Our cat seemed to be coming around.

And then...

A momentous thing happened...

Salem pooped!


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