Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Mommy Smile

Sometimes at night, my hand somewhat subconsciously moves down my belly to rub the scar that sits right where a bikini waistline would fall. That scar is what Marc refers to as my “smile.” And each time, I think about how lucky I am that the modern technology exists that makes my Mommy Smile possible.

It’s beyond the technology of c-sections…it’s the more than that.

It’s the technology that monitored the unborn baby to make sure she was healthy and not in distress for that wonderfully long 34 hours.

It’s the technology that was able to quickly—with a little IV fluid and motrin—to end the slight climb to potential distress of my unborn baby mid-labor.

It IS the technology that allows for C-section delivery.

Yet with all this technology, and with all this monitoring, no one knew what really awaited (if you like to read about female reproductive conditions, click here, if not, just know…we were lucky).

2011-11-01 17.06.18

(the one and only picture of munchkin and I from the day Autumn was born. And it’s blurry…And I’m probably drugged…)

My Mommy Smile reminds me how lucky I am to have myself a big girl…a big girl who was facing posterior and would not be turned…a big girl facing posterior who wouldn’t allow Mother Nature (and her mother) to do things the natural way. I like to say she was holding on to my rib cage with her toes (I think she knew something all the big grown ups didn’t).

My Mommy Smile reminds me how lucky we are for medicines to stop bleeding, bring down high fevers and stop severe body shaking (if you’ve experienced that, you know how awfully fun that is).

My Mommy Smile reminds me I’m lucky to be a mommy and a wife, that I’m not a statistic. It tells me I’m alive (FYI since I don’t like to talk about this part…I most likely will not mention it again, on my blog or in person. And I’m more than cool with you all ignoring it too). My baby is alive. We’re together, and we’re all a family.

My Mommy Smile reminds me how lucky I am to have the option of a brother or sister for Autumn in the future—which makes this Mommy smile (ha ha get that…?) because I’m a pretty big fan of siblings (Gotta love siblings--to get the full picture, read the comments too). I’m not sure how I would’ve handled not being able to just have one (also, we HAVE to have more than one, because if it wasn’t meant to be I wouldn’t be able to. Right, Marc? Winking smile).

It’s nice to be reminded. Sometimes we just have those days. We go to bed so tired, so sick, so frustrated…and then the belly itches, and I rub my Mommy Smile…and I am thankful. I may still be tired, sick and frustrated, but I know we can get past it. We’ll wake up the next day, and we’ll keep trudging…


…my Mommy Smile and me.               

Friday, February 24, 2012

Trial by Fire

To say that this week was rough is possibly an understatement. Monday I had to work and Marc was off, therefore, we cancelled our sitter for the day. And holy cow, Mad Baby in full force. This took us aback because Marc’s presence usually keeps the mad baby at bay. But not on Monday.

Tuesday comes, and I have a cranky, unhappy baby. All she wanted to do was cuddle with mommy. Something was up—I thought maybe a cold. Tuesday is Noni’s day to babysit…and Mad Baby showed up yet again, and gave Daddy a hard time when he got home…then come Tuesday night.

I was woken up at 3 am by a very unhappy child. Now mind you, Autumn has been sleeping through the night for a very long time. I calmed her, and got her to go back to sleep. This happened again and again. She clearly was uncomfortable. She was very squirmy and crying so hard. Normally, she’ll fuss with me, but I don’t get endless crying. After many hours later—by this time we’re at my mom’s house; I needed backup and it was her day to watch Autumn anyway—and a couple messy diapers Mad Baby went away.

Skip ahead to Wednesday night—I go upstairs from working and Autumn had been napping.

And her cheeks were very red.

She does get very dry skin so I thought maybe that was it. Then I felt her…out came the thermometer. 102…Luckily for us, a little Tylenol and a solid night’s sleep did wonders, and the munchkin is much better.


It sucks to see your kid sick—especially when you don’t know what is bothering them and they can tell you. At least with the fever, I had a point of reference and a method of attack. We’re thinking maybe the stomach discomfort and the Mad Baby may be from the bottle Autumn gets when I’m working. We started thinking back to when I started and we believe we switched formula brands (we have free samples and since she gets so little formula we take a while going through it) at that time. She mostly only gets a bottle when I’m working—so we’re switching back. So far so good…we’ll see…It would be such an easy fix; can we get that lucky?

I have so much more to write about, and so little motivation…maybe tomorrow…

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I had two drinks this weekend…

But not because I needed them. But just because I could. Yay!

The mister and I had our first night sans munchkin since she was born. We went to a fundraiser and “won’ ourselves some yummy coffee. The food was good, the company a delight, the drinks free and unlimited…however, we’re sad lightweights in our parenting years. One glass of wine and my cheeks were warm and I was a bit buzzed. Sad really… But happy baby appeared for Sarah that night and we were able to enjoy our whole evening. Yay and thank you Sarah!

Sunday we attended a very populated church (wasn’t expecting that from Elma—lol) for a baptism for a very special little man. Congratulations Alex…now if you and Autumn would be awake at the same time maybe you could have proper introductions.

The Monkey butt nephew had his surgery on Friday. So far it’s looking pretty promising. I don’t think he’s sure what’s hurting and is a little uncomfortable, but he still loves his bath—he’ll be just fine. We had his puppy here this weekend, and he just went back home. Man is our house empty. He was getting too comfortable though as evidenced by the drool puddle on my couch. I’ll miss my walk buddy though.

Speaking of the Monkey man, his picture was reentered by for the photo competition, so if you’d click here and vote, that’d be great. As of this morning he is in third place.

As for my child, she’s GRUMPY…I don’t think she’s 100%. It’s horrible not knowing what’s causing her to be upset. She was all cuddly and cranky for me and MAD baby for her Noni. Maybe those teeth are making their way out…who knows, but I hope she feels better soon.

Not so much excitement in our house for the moment, but compared to last week’s circus, we’ll take it.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Redo (alternate title: I need a drink)

I haven’t been around this week…didya notice? Lie. Make me feel good. Say “yes.”

It’s has been quite rough in this house lately.

As mentioned before I disappeared of the face of Blog Earth, cat was bad. Muy bad! Unfortunately, things didn’t run through the system as easily as I thought (hoped and prayed) they would. Bad kitty moped around the house not eating and being forced fed fluids. Finally Sunday Marc took him to the vet for an emergency appointment. He had no fever, and they couldn’t feel anything. Some fluids and kitty violation later, he came home. Moped and refused to eat some more. Finally we scheduled another appointment, resigned to forking over money for x-rays and blood work. Thankfully, Salem heard about the appointment and decided to snap out of it—appointment cancelled! But those six days proved to be some very very long six days.

Behind the next curtain, we introduce Mad Baby. Mad baby appears at this house right on the tail of the five o’clock hour when Mommy goes downstairs to work. And does she ever appear. Screeching as loud as her three month lungs will let her—nothing stops her, save a temporary respite from a bottle, except for mommy and daddy. I am hoping that Mad Baby will go on a very long holiday and be replaced with the Happiest Baby on Earth. However, grumpy, cranky baby also made a quick (or not so quick) appearance on Saturday. Coupled with Bad Cat…it was a loooong weekend.

Monday rolled around it seems without ever stopping for a weekend. Marc was done his first class this week, so his evenings were free…but you couldn’t tell. We were just dead on our feed.

So yeah, we’re calling a redo for the weekend. A night out for the Mister and I, sans Baby. Hopefully, since she’ll be at my parents’ house with her aunt, Mad Baby stays suppressed in lieu of Happy Baby. This isn’t the first time I’ve left the munchkin, but it’s the first time we’re going out. Our Valentine’s day lunch was a family affair; so this is the first time.

On Sunday, we will introduce Autumn to her new best friend. Her best friend will be getting baptized. Now if this friendship plays out, we’ll like Autumn’s in-laws. Too soon? Probably…oh well.


A few housekeeping details. Click here and vote for my nephew Monkey Butt. He had surgery today—seems to have gone fairly well, and it would make his parents happy to have him win. There are about 2000 entries and he’s in 29th place today. You can vote from every computer, smart phone, tablet device, etc. that you own. Ready GO!


I’m trying out a new storefront for Little Brown cow. Click through and tell me what you think. I’m thinking of replacing Zazzle with this site. The prices are a bit better and it’s more user friendly on my end. It’s a work in process so there are designs and products still to come.

On that note, Happy President’s day weekend (and my milestone getting younger weekend). I’ll be back soon—hopefully. I can’t take another weekend like last one. And for the road, Happy Baby:


Saturday, February 11, 2012

One of those days…


That’s the best way to describe today. Autumn went from so incredibly happy to a whiney grump in the blink of an eye. And Grumpy definitely stuck around longer than Happy. Fed, changed, just napped and being held…what’s left to a three month old’s life…apparently an even longer nap. Aaaah, peace.

Except for the cat (pretty much a repeat of the same old same old)…a lethargic cat who will always eat…not eating. Yay for more stress…Come on cat! Won’t you poop? Please?

And so it’s pizza for dinner, and then the Sabres game…on Channel 2! Yay! A happy baby and a pooping cat would just be capstone on my Saturday night. Don’t you wish for those things for your Saturday night?

I’m going to go try to fold laundry and accomplish something from this day.

Shhh…baby’s sleeping…


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Friday, February 10, 2012

Why I <3 February…

Contrary to a recent post my birthday isn't really something I stress over. Each year means I’m alive and healthy. And I get to celebrate that with my family. This year it will be extra special, because I’ll have a daughter to celebrate with (not that she’ll have a clue). And my birthday is swiftly approaching. I had a very short “before 30 bucket list.” I was never written or spoken too much about…but I wanted to have a baby before I turned 30. Therefore, for me, that meant meeting Mr. Right and getting married. Guess we can cross that one off the list. Snuck by with a few months to spare. It really never was about being 30, but more about being 40…you know having kids so I’ll have the energy and hopefully health to enjoy many. many of my child(ren)’s years.









Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart

Also, February took on a new special meaning last year. It was when I found out I was pregnant (and most likely when I got that way Winking smile)

Last year…February was so unreal, so surreal, and this sonogram here, made it a bit more real. We had so many moments asking ourselves what the year would bring…we continue to ask that, and imagine our munchkin growing, doing and being.IMG_20110326_160504

 Red heart  Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart Red heart

Valentine’s Day…I love holidays. They are special to me. Every. Single. One. Commercialized or not. Now I know many of you (dudes, single friends, separated/divorced friend…) hate this day. But not me. Nope. I have always insisted that celebrating Valentine’s day be separate from my birthday, because, hello, they are TWO DIFFERENT DAYS. (Sorry, Marc) I don’t need expensive jewelry; however, this girl loves her some flowers (but seriously…go to Aldi, Tops, someplace cheaper that FTD or some nonsense). I don’t need to go to some amazingly expensive, gorgeous restaurant where there are 3 forks, 3 spoons and a glass, teacup and wine glass. Nope…let’s go to Denny’s, Friendly’s or Pizza Hut. I just like the idea of a day that you make sure to stop and remember to love on your significant other, your friend, your family. Some days—especially during the Christmas season—we just get so caught up in doing and living our lives, we just forget about being together and loving on each other. So that’s what my Valentine’s day is for. Calling a time out to life, to work, school and obligations to the world…and just being obligated to my Mister (and just maybe the munchkin too). And really it doesn’t need to be on the 14th of February. It stinks that life doesn’t always respect your “Time out.” I work evenings and that particular date just happens to be the one lunch meeting Marc has all week. So we adapt…and we’ll have lunch, together, a different day. Taking the time to just be.




Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shhh…don’t tell

This is how I entertain my child:


Seriously, why didn’t anyone tell me how much a child enjoys staring out the door. She was talking and cooing and just having a blast.


So Today Autumn took a nap on the floor:


(you will ignore the second pillow and the adult sized blanket next to Autumn)DSC01775

And woke up so chipper. (she’s practicing for Valentine’s Day)


For some reason there is a myth about kitties smothering babies. But, mine snuggle, and gosh durned it, they will be BFFs.



Also, flipping the light switch on and off…keeps babies entertained…

DSC01762 - CopyDSC01763 - CopyDSC01766DSC01764 - Copy

And luckily didn’t cause seizures.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So Why did I pick her to be the godmother?


Exhibit A:

(I may be in the picture, but Wendy was the bottle provider)

Exhibit B:

Wendy is clearly not a good influence.



(Since this is the interweb and people panic…there are popcorn seed in the medicine bottle—also called a rattle—and the wine cooler bottle is empty—who doesn’t like to make noise with a glass bottle)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Unleash the Beast

So my darling baby dear, you know the one that was always sleeping and happy and easy going? Well, mostly she is still the happy go lucky smiling cutie who has found her way into the background and galleries of many a cell phone…HOWEVER.

Yes, that is one big However.

I went back to work last Monday. And by back to work I mean I walk downstairs and turn my computer on (with the exception of a small snafu on the first day). The munchkin stays upstairs with one of her small army of awesome sitters. And hollers. Yep, still not sure tomorrow’s sitter will be back…

Just kidding.

I hope…

For a little variety today she decided to switch things up…she unleashed the beast early. Daddy worked downstairs and Mommy dealt with Mad baby. Mad baby would calm, lay down for a nap…and then, Hello! The beast was back. While I make this sound drawn out and horrid, truthfully it wasn’t hour long shrieking. In reality Mad baby has short spurts of beastliness. But what these spurts manage to do is hinder progress.

My kitchen…wasn’t cleaned.

My living room…still has Christmas cards on the wall.

Cookie dough was made, but not baked until late this evening (Wendy you’re welcome. Appreciate me).

I, finally realizing this was cyclical (yes Mad Baby also is know to slow mental deduction), grabbed the Snugli and wore the munchkin around the house until she dropped off into a sound sleep. After an hour later, I put her down. She stayed asleep and I started work. And the beast was harnessed for the remainder of the night.

Daddy says if mommy could arrange that fussy schedule everyday it’d be great. Mommy incinerated daddy with one quick glare.

He should just be glad I washed the cookies and baked the baby…oh wait… back up…reverse that…

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Fountain of Youth

The proverbial “they” have a lot of things to tell you.  And I disregard most of what “they” say. Especially since “they” tend to contradicted “them”selves. For instance, if your baby is nursing “they” say not to use a pacifier as to avoid “nipple confusion,” but “they” also say that use of a pacifier may help avoid SIDS. I really wish “they” would get “their” story straight.

However, I will believe “them” when it serves me well. In this instance I am going to take the idea that “kids keep you young” literally. I may or may not be approaching a milestone birthday this year. But since Autumn clearly is a kid…and therefore keeps me young, this year I will once again be celebrating my 29th birthday…and next year my 28th…and so on and so forth. I think that sounds like a good deal don’t you?

Proof of this youth-ening: not too long ago I may have watched the crazy fools playing out in the snow. But Sunday, I was out there pulling Autumn in the sled—which she was ‘clearly’ enjoying.


(see how excited she is?)

Heck even the Heatmeister—the hater of all things white, frozen and winter—was out pulling the monkey butt…and look! She’s smiling!


(sledding pictures courtesy of Mark—not Marc)


However, making me younger doesn’t seem to stop the munchkin from growing right on up. Today marks three months from the day our family of two became three. Three months….Ho-ly. Cow.

Apparently, “they” say she is no longer a newborn. Today she is an infant.  My bright eyed, little girl is getting so big. No really, she IS getting big. She stretches to the toes of some 6M clothing now (not all, just some), but is a skinny girl (although as Wendy says she’s getting ‘mushy’ and  she is indeed developing some baby rolls) so the necklines are very large on her. If she wears two piece (pant and shirt) outfits 3M fit her mostly and 6M a little loosely, but put her in a sleeper and you’ll really see how long she it.

(this picture is probably at the 2 month mark)

memere and autumn

(all stretched out on Mommy’s Memere)

She holds her head up like a champ, and has done so pretty impressively since she was born. She prefers sitting up to being cradled. If you try to recline her you can really feel her tense her muscles trying to stay upright.

Autumn sitting up

(she looks so…not newborn-like in this picture…this is about 2 1/2 months)

She holds her weight on her legs and when lifted over your head she holds her body stiff like a board. My little over achiever is not going to wait too long in getting around I fear, as she pushes on her toes when on her tummy like she’s trying to squirm forward. I know she’s not quite there…yet.

autumn and pepere

(Can’t have a picture of Mommy’s Memere without one of Mommy’s Pepere)

As much as I don’t want this time to fly by, it is and will. She’s going to learn and grow. It means she’s a healthy girl, doing what healthy babies do. But no matter how quickly she grows…nor how the time flies…nor how young I get Winking smile…she’ll always be Mommy’s Little Munchkin.


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