Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a difference a year makes…

I know I’ve been slacking with this here blog…a real post will come soon because I’m hitting the eight month mark—Ahhhhhh! lol

But this day a year ago was a very stressful, yet liberating one. A year ago today, I quit my job. And look where that got me. I have a job with awesome benefits, an awesome boss, 12 weeks maternity leave and I CAN WORK FROM HOME. It’s not as rewarding work in some ways, but my life is a whole lot more of the stress free variety.

We are having a baby at at time when I work at a place that is family friendly and accommodating….

Yep, never would have known last year at this time how well life would have turned out.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Evening Came and Morning Followed—the Seventh Month?!!!

Even as I type this (yeah, yeah I’ve been slacking…) I am quickly approaching week 29. Where did the time go? When people ask me how far along I am, my answer is usually followed by “ooh soon then?”

No, people! Not soon…three months. Three months of things to do, people to see and places to go (ok kiddo, you got that? Good!). The next most often heard phrase is, upon departing or saying goodbye is “Don’t go into labor early ok?” Sure, I’m all over that.

Do we know what the sex is? NO. Do we have names picked out? Nope. So don’t ask, the answer isn’t going to change anytime soon.

As for our baby inventory, it’s growing. How can one child need so much “stuff”? And that list of stuff in the nursery keeps growing thanks to some gosh darn awesome friends and family. We had a baby loot gathering day—I think it’s known around these parts as a baby shower. And, man oh man, there are some many big things that have been crossed off our list, just look at that table:


And that doesn’t include the huge box for the stroller/car seat combo that’s off to the side. You guys? You’re awesome.

Just a mini quiz mid-post:

Which is the one who is seven months pregnant?


I’ve been keeping busy drinking the most gawd awful glucola drink to test my blood sugar…not once, but twice. The tests came out good so bring on the ice cream! But at the lab they mention a doctor’s office somewhere around these parts that conducts the test with a king size candy bar…someone needs to tell me where that is, cuz that drink…it’s nast-ay!

I also spent some time with the Monkey Butt. He’s getting bigger and has a great smile. Also, he loves me:IMG_0249

Clearly, he picked out the bib and said “I want to wear this one. And the Aunt is definitely Aunt Tracy.”

We will continue our busy ways through the weekend…

AFS students arrive to our area and go out to their host families on Friday. Don’t already have yourself committed to taking one. The WNY area team still has a handful of very sad students. If we don’t place them ASAP, they will not be able to participate in an exchange year. That’s just a horrible thought. Where would my life be now if I hadn’t spent such a wonderful time in a wonderful and different country? I don’t even want to think about it. So all you people out there, even outside WNY, we have 500 students nationwide needing a place to call home this year. Won’t you help?! Let me know if you are interested—I’ll connect you to the right people!

Saturday will be spent inside the walls of Sister’s Hospital, where they will probably freak my husband out by saying the words ‘baby' ‘labor’ ‘contractions’ etc, more times that he can handle in one eight hour period. Pray for the man, I think he’s gonna need it. (But I have no worries about his parenting capabilities as he assisted wonderfully in watching Monkey Butt last week—even volunteering his iPad for the little tyke to watch…siiigh, my kids are in trouble!)

And Sunday will be party day…a birthday party and another baby shower all in one twenty four hour period. It should be a fun, busy and tiring day. Come Monday, maybe I’ll want to go to work just to slow things down…or not.

Until I drag myself to the blog once again…Happy Rest of Summer! (oh yeah…and host a student!)