Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why AFS? Why me?

I had to dig into the vaults to help answer these questions.

Well it all began in 1999 when a 17-year-old got on a plane and flew far away to this country…

Map picture

And drove down a few streets like this…

Paraguay streets

To this house…

Paraguay home

To live with these people…

Paraguay grandparents 

Juanita and Guillermo in a mandioca field

To go to this school…

Paraguay school

And make friends with these people…

Paraguay Kokis fla Paraguay schoolmates

And that was the beginning of the best thing that ever happened to me. Perhaps someday it maybe topped by the birth of children, but until that day comes, this is pretty much it. It completely changed my life. I went on to study Spanish and International Relations and now speak Spanish everyday in my job at an Immigration Law Office.

If you’ve gone on an exchange, you completely understand the transformation the exchange experience brings.

If you’re thinking of going on exchange, I have two words for you “DO IT.” They money you pay will not even come close to covering the value that you get from this experience, and that expense you will earn at least twofold in college scholarships. It’s the most worthwhile experience ever.

And if you are reading this and you are past the years of being an exchange student, think about bringing one into your home. The impact you will have on a students life cannot be counted.

Until my next post…chau!

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