Saturday, September 10, 2011

We all know where we were, what we were doing and how our life changed….


…so I’ll keep this brief. With all the memorials and tributes that are and will be taking place this weekend, you would have to live in a hole in the ground not to know that tomorrow marks 10 years since the Twin Towers fell, since our nation was attacked, and, well, since life markedly changed for many Americans. Tomorrow is the ten years anniversary of September 11, 2001.

I’m sure each of us who is old enough to remember can tell you exactly where we were when we heard the news. I was walking from my car to the school lounge when plane #1 hit. As I walked into the lounge and saw everyone standing around a tv, I thought at first it was old converge from the first bombing years earlier.

Then plane #2 hit, and I realized I was wrong—very wrong.

My first class was Intro to International Relations, and as my professor said, nothing was more International Relation material that what was happening. And as we watched news coverage, the towers fell. I remember covering my mouth and saying, “Oh my God, oh my God.”

The days and months passed. And my dad was deployed to Iraq. For a year, this was how the September 11 attack personally touch and changed my life. I’m lucky that this was mostly the only way this day affected my life, and it ultimately left my family whole and intact. My father came home, life changed, but life continued.

This day we will not forget…those victims we will will always remember.

This commercial resurfaced on the interweb, and ironically it’s a beer commercial that I find to be a classy memorial for that tragic day, ten years ago.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Some BIG News

It’s time for my weekly, er, monthly, er whenever I feel like it update…and it’s a big one…literally…


Yep, as everyone whose path I cross tells me…I’m big. As for me I didn’t have much perspective on my size until I saw these pictures. Heck I’m still surprised to see a belly when I walk past a mirror, but well, I guess you could say I’ve expanded my girth a bit.

Even the doctor says that. Somehow between week 31, when I measured 33 cm, and week 33 my measurements jumped 6 cm. I now measure 39 cm which apparently is well over the average size. It’s a big baby they tell me. I’ll probably have a sonogram next appointment if I stay that much above average. And it’s all baby too it seems, as I didn’t gain a pound in the last two weeks (although I did gain five in the two weeks prior, which is more that double what I normally put on between appointments).

So progress is being made in the baby gear area. I think I have all the baby accoutrement that I need—that is until I bring baby home and realize I don’t have something I need. But I’m planning on that happening. The stroller is assembled, the highchair is too. But the crib remains three sided; although, I’m pretty sure that we have all necessary parts now. Thanks to a recall repair kit being needed for the crib we acquired this has been a process. But hey free is worth it.

I have reached the stage where most of my cooler weather shoes don’t fit and tying my sneakers is a challenge. My one pair of sneakers has a tongue that is attached right up to the top lacing hole and is not made for a pregnant woman to put on, nor is is made for someone to help me either. But I don’t feel like buying a pair of sneakers for potentially less than two months. And so the sneaker battle will continue. I do foresee a rainy day where I’ll have to tell my manager that I need to work from home because I can’t get my shoes on. All the shoes that fit will result in wet feet—and if the temperature is cooler, cold feet.

Speaking of working from home, I’ve worked from home four days now—two weeks worth. And it is awesome. I save gas and time. This week I’ve even made dinner—crockpot yumminess. I think the mister likes coming home knowing he doesn’t need to find food to fill his stomach too. It’s nice on my baby exhaustion, and sometimes even comes with back rubs.

I guess that’s all for now…

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…8!

Sing that title to the Sesame Street pinball game counting song…come on don’t deny that you know the tune…

And yes we are in month number eight. Holy. Cow. Not sure when Seven became eight, but somehow, at sometime it happened. The status of the belly: now apparently when only my belly shows up in a Facebook picture, it gets tagged…Also I’m pretty sure there’s a monkey in there…this kid does not stop moving. Not that it hurts, but some days I get plumb worn out by the moving and wish dear kiddo would take a nap—and said kiddo isn’t born yet! lol. But I know I will miss feeling the twists and turns once the little one makes his/her grand appearance.


^^ Yes that’s what gets tagged on Facebook these days… ^^

Nope. Still don’t know gender. And Nope. Still no names picked out—that is slightly worrisome to me. We may have to change our method if someone doesn’t get his behind in gear with his list. The new method: pick from Tracy’s list. Wendy kindly made a list for him, but Marc doesn’t seem to think his child will be a cowboy so most of her names are out…at least the name Boss wasn’t on her list. But it was pretty, erm, awful (sorry dear future child of Wendy if you get one of those names. I’ll love you anyway—but I’ll just rename you).

I’m now down to a doctor appoint every two weeks…and soon to be every week. eeek…I don’t know how ready we are…our crib still has three sides. That’s a story in itself. Let’s just hope the crib company gets our replacement order right this time…because we already have six sides for the crib, we don’t need three more…just the parts to attach side four.

Our nursery is finished. And it is just the cutest thing ever!!! Not that I expect any less from the brain of Brandy. It looks so good! Everyone loves it. The pictures don’t do it justice, but here are a few.

2011-08-28 19.21.402011-08-28 19.21.502011-08-28 19.22.012011-08-28 19.22.17DSCN4057

My nursery will be my own personal advertisement for our shop Little Brown Cow. And that shop is full of all that awesomeness. I have to add those pond decals to the shop, but if you really want them, just let me know. We’ll hook you up!

In other news, there will be eating out at a particular Mexican restaurant this weekend to commemorate the one year mark of my quitting the job that became hell. It will be yummy, but without the margaritas that were so necessary following the quitting event.

And…yay! I’m working from home—two days a week to start—but thank you Verizon workers for ending your strike. I was very sad thinking that my home setup wouldn’t happen before the nameless baby arrived. Now I can go on leave in peace, knowing that I can work from home once baby arrives. It’s so nice to eat real food with real people. An empty home office is so much less lonely than and empty floor at the work office.

And on that note…I have some more thank you notes to write, because my friends and family are just so awesome.