Monday, December 13, 2010

Cat Nap

This week’s I heart faces has gone to the birds! Well…sorta. This week’s theme is Pet Faces. And, well, what’s cuter than this?
On her back, basking in the sun, out like a light. That’s my girl!

Fried Brain, served fresh daily

For real. I’m not kidding. That’s what I feel like by the time 5 pm rolls around each work day. They stuff and stuff and stuff in more information until we absorb no more.

They compare it to a sponge…well this sponge hit saturation point on Day 2! lol, well maybe last week.

They release us to the phones on Thursday. I’m expecting it to get messy, real messy. Just watch all those “sponges” get wrung out and all the information crammed in these past few weeks? Well it’s gonna be all over the floor and we’re gonna have to figure out how to mop it back up.

How’s that for self-confidence?

I know, I know. I’ll get it. Everyone goes through this. I’m not the first. I’ll be fine.


It doesn’t mean I have to like floundering. I can’t stand feeling lost, overwhelmed, and clueless.

Cue Thursday…cuz that’s where it’s all going down!

Disappointed smile

Monday, December 6, 2010


This week on I heart faces: Self-portraits. Can’t have a picture of me without my feline friend. Here she is perched on my shoulder just like she likes. This is the “real” me, glasses and all.

So much fun

Remember my last post when I said our company sold something?

Well I just found out that WE DON’T KNOW THE PERSON WHO BOUGHT IT!!

That makes everything so much more exciting; it wasn’t as sympathy buy (but hey if you want to buy something just because you know us…I’m not going to tell you no)

Check out Zazzle from now until Christmas because they have some great sales right now—even I ordered something. And there’s always our Etsy shop.

Christmas presents anyone?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh how exciting!

So I would like to announce….

You should come check us out. You know where to find us.
You can click===> Over there===============>
And just for fun you could go
If you were that first person, we love you…just as we will love the second, and the third, and Kurt you need a really cool puppy tote bag or this Kitty travel mug.
Yay. And thanks! And, if you haven’t yet….go Christmas shopping!