Sunday, May 23, 2010

I have excuses….

I have not blogged lately and this is why….

I have been sick. My cold totally knocked me out. I was a useful as a bobble head. And when I’m sick I complain a lot. You didn’t need to hear that.

I was busy. I’ve had multiple AFS going ons: orientations, liaison-ing, phone calls. I had Mother’s Day and Sarah’s birthday to celebrate. This past weekend I had Wendy’s graduation in Albany from the Correction Officers Academy, Heidi’s graduation from Villa Maria and Eric’s Eagle Scout Ceremony. See, busy…

But mostly…It’s been too nice out to sit myself at the computer for any length of time. I’ve been gardening—for both myself and my Mother-in-law. I’ve been mowing, weed eating, weeding…so many things to do OUTSIDE.

I will endeavor to do better…and who knows, the hotter it is outside, the nicer and cooler it feels in my office.

Monday, May 3, 2010



I had a very busy weekend. It was an AFS weekend. AFS is an international exchange program for high school age students—we are pretty awesome if I say so myself. I went to Paraguay in 1999 with this organization, and my life has pretty much made a 360 since then.

This weekend was a weekend of Good-byes and Welcomes. We prepared our hosted kids for the tough journey home. It’s one of the hardest parts of an exchange. You return to a home, much like you left it, completely different. You have to learn to fit

in where you once belonged.

And on the flipside we welcome five new AFSers…these brave, young, adventurous teenagers looking forward to leaving their comfort zone here in the United States and moving to another country for a summer or year. It’s the absolutely most amazing experience ever. More American teens really need to experience another culture first hand. There’s nothing else like it. And what finances you put it, you get back in scholarships.

Apparently our fine hosted students had plans for me in a skit they put on for their talent show. Unfortunately for them (fortunately for me) I headed out early and was unable to be a “contestant” in their “dating show.” Sorry guys…they do say “Mockery is a form of flattery” don’t they?

But the pinnacle of my AFS weekend was the discovery of my AFS liaison on FACEBOOK!!! It signifies that internet has reached la Villa de Rosario. Now she needs to get my host family on it—but now that I think about it, maybe I should just ask for an email address.

So inclusion—AFS rocks! I think everyone should participate in a foreign exchange whether traveling or hosting. It’s something this country really needs right now. And you’ll be working towards world peace at the same time…so wanna host? :-) 

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