Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Redo (alternate title: I need a drink)

I haven’t been around this week…didya notice? Lie. Make me feel good. Say “yes.”

It’s has been quite rough in this house lately.

As mentioned before I disappeared of the face of Blog Earth, cat was bad. Muy bad! Unfortunately, things didn’t run through the system as easily as I thought (hoped and prayed) they would. Bad kitty moped around the house not eating and being forced fed fluids. Finally Sunday Marc took him to the vet for an emergency appointment. He had no fever, and they couldn’t feel anything. Some fluids and kitty violation later, he came home. Moped and refused to eat some more. Finally we scheduled another appointment, resigned to forking over money for x-rays and blood work. Thankfully, Salem heard about the appointment and decided to snap out of it—appointment cancelled! But those six days proved to be some very very long six days.

Behind the next curtain, we introduce Mad Baby. Mad baby appears at this house right on the tail of the five o’clock hour when Mommy goes downstairs to work. And does she ever appear. Screeching as loud as her three month lungs will let her—nothing stops her, save a temporary respite from a bottle, except for mommy and daddy. I am hoping that Mad Baby will go on a very long holiday and be replaced with the Happiest Baby on Earth. However, grumpy, cranky baby also made a quick (or not so quick) appearance on Saturday. Coupled with Bad Cat…it was a loooong weekend.

Monday rolled around it seems without ever stopping for a weekend. Marc was done his first class this week, so his evenings were free…but you couldn’t tell. We were just dead on our feed.

So yeah, we’re calling a redo for the weekend. A night out for the Mister and I, sans Baby. Hopefully, since she’ll be at my parents’ house with her aunt, Mad Baby stays suppressed in lieu of Happy Baby. This isn’t the first time I’ve left the munchkin, but it’s the first time we’re going out. Our Valentine’s day lunch was a family affair; so this is the first time.

On Sunday, we will introduce Autumn to her new best friend. Her best friend will be getting baptized. Now if this friendship plays out, we’ll like Autumn’s in-laws. Too soon? Probably…oh well.


A few housekeeping details. Click here and vote for my nephew Monkey Butt. He had surgery today—seems to have gone fairly well, and it would make his parents happy to have him win. There are about 2000 entries and he’s in 29th place today. You can vote from every computer, smart phone, tablet device, etc. that you own. Ready GO!


I’m trying out a new storefront for Little Brown cow. Click through and tell me what you think. I’m thinking of replacing Zazzle with this site. The prices are a bit better and it’s more user friendly on my end. It’s a work in process so there are designs and products still to come.

On that note, Happy President’s day weekend (and my milestone getting younger weekend). I’ll be back soon—hopefully. I can’t take another weekend like last one. And for the road, Happy Baby:


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