Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I had two drinks this weekend…

But not because I needed them. But just because I could. Yay!

The mister and I had our first night sans munchkin since she was born. We went to a fundraiser and “won’ ourselves some yummy coffee. The food was good, the company a delight, the drinks free and unlimited…however, we’re sad lightweights in our parenting years. One glass of wine and my cheeks were warm and I was a bit buzzed. Sad really… But happy baby appeared for Sarah that night and we were able to enjoy our whole evening. Yay and thank you Sarah!

Sunday we attended a very populated church (wasn’t expecting that from Elma—lol) for a baptism for a very special little man. Congratulations Alex…now if you and Autumn would be awake at the same time maybe you could have proper introductions.

The Monkey butt nephew had his surgery on Friday. So far it’s looking pretty promising. I don’t think he’s sure what’s hurting and is a little uncomfortable, but he still loves his bath—he’ll be just fine. We had his puppy here this weekend, and he just went back home. Man is our house empty. He was getting too comfortable though as evidenced by the drool puddle on my couch. I’ll miss my walk buddy though.

Speaking of the Monkey man, his picture was reentered by Parents.com for the photo competition, so if you’d click here and vote, that’d be great. As of this morning he is in third place.

As for my child, she’s GRUMPY…I don’t think she’s 100%. It’s horrible not knowing what’s causing her to be upset. She was all cuddly and cranky for me and MAD baby for her Noni. Maybe those teeth are making their way out…who knows, but I hope she feels better soon.

Not so much excitement in our house for the moment, but compared to last week’s circus, we’ll take it.

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