Friday, February 24, 2012

Trial by Fire

To say that this week was rough is possibly an understatement. Monday I had to work and Marc was off, therefore, we cancelled our sitter for the day. And holy cow, Mad Baby in full force. This took us aback because Marc’s presence usually keeps the mad baby at bay. But not on Monday.

Tuesday comes, and I have a cranky, unhappy baby. All she wanted to do was cuddle with mommy. Something was up—I thought maybe a cold. Tuesday is Noni’s day to babysit…and Mad Baby showed up yet again, and gave Daddy a hard time when he got home…then come Tuesday night.

I was woken up at 3 am by a very unhappy child. Now mind you, Autumn has been sleeping through the night for a very long time. I calmed her, and got her to go back to sleep. This happened again and again. She clearly was uncomfortable. She was very squirmy and crying so hard. Normally, she’ll fuss with me, but I don’t get endless crying. After many hours later—by this time we’re at my mom’s house; I needed backup and it was her day to watch Autumn anyway—and a couple messy diapers Mad Baby went away.

Skip ahead to Wednesday night—I go upstairs from working and Autumn had been napping.

And her cheeks were very red.

She does get very dry skin so I thought maybe that was it. Then I felt her…out came the thermometer. 102…Luckily for us, a little Tylenol and a solid night’s sleep did wonders, and the munchkin is much better.


It sucks to see your kid sick—especially when you don’t know what is bothering them and they can tell you. At least with the fever, I had a point of reference and a method of attack. We’re thinking maybe the stomach discomfort and the Mad Baby may be from the bottle Autumn gets when I’m working. We started thinking back to when I started and we believe we switched formula brands (we have free samples and since she gets so little formula we take a while going through it) at that time. She mostly only gets a bottle when I’m working—so we’re switching back. So far so good…we’ll see…It would be such an easy fix; can we get that lucky?

I have so much more to write about, and so little motivation…maybe tomorrow…

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