Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Fountain of Youth

The proverbial “they” have a lot of things to tell you.  And I disregard most of what “they” say. Especially since “they” tend to contradicted “them”selves. For instance, if your baby is nursing “they” say not to use a pacifier as to avoid “nipple confusion,” but “they” also say that use of a pacifier may help avoid SIDS. I really wish “they” would get “their” story straight.

However, I will believe “them” when it serves me well. In this instance I am going to take the idea that “kids keep you young” literally. I may or may not be approaching a milestone birthday this year. But since Autumn clearly is a kid…and therefore keeps me young, this year I will once again be celebrating my 29th birthday…and next year my 28th…and so on and so forth. I think that sounds like a good deal don’t you?

Proof of this youth-ening: not too long ago I may have watched the crazy fools playing out in the snow. But Sunday, I was out there pulling Autumn in the sled—which she was ‘clearly’ enjoying.


(see how excited she is?)

Heck even the Heatmeister—the hater of all things white, frozen and winter—was out pulling the monkey butt…and look! She’s smiling!


(sledding pictures courtesy of Mark—not Marc)


However, making me younger doesn’t seem to stop the munchkin from growing right on up. Today marks three months from the day our family of two became three. Three months….Ho-ly. Cow.

Apparently, “they” say she is no longer a newborn. Today she is an infant.  My bright eyed, little girl is getting so big. No really, she IS getting big. She stretches to the toes of some 6M clothing now (not all, just some), but is a skinny girl (although as Wendy says she’s getting ‘mushy’ and  she is indeed developing some baby rolls) so the necklines are very large on her. If she wears two piece (pant and shirt) outfits 3M fit her mostly and 6M a little loosely, but put her in a sleeper and you’ll really see how long she it.

(this picture is probably at the 2 month mark)

memere and autumn

(all stretched out on Mommy’s Memere)

She holds her head up like a champ, and has done so pretty impressively since she was born. She prefers sitting up to being cradled. If you try to recline her you can really feel her tense her muscles trying to stay upright.

Autumn sitting up

(she looks so…not newborn-like in this picture…this is about 2 1/2 months)

She holds her weight on her legs and when lifted over your head she holds her body stiff like a board. My little over achiever is not going to wait too long in getting around I fear, as she pushes on her toes when on her tummy like she’s trying to squirm forward. I know she’s not quite there…yet.

autumn and pepere

(Can’t have a picture of Mommy’s Memere without one of Mommy’s Pepere)

As much as I don’t want this time to fly by, it is and will. She’s going to learn and grow. It means she’s a healthy girl, doing what healthy babies do. But no matter how quickly she grows…nor how the time flies…nor how young I get Winking smile…she’ll always be Mommy’s Little Munchkin.


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Mark said...

nice pictures...

Tracy said...

I gave you your props!