Friday, February 3, 2012

Unleash the Beast

So my darling baby dear, you know the one that was always sleeping and happy and easy going? Well, mostly she is still the happy go lucky smiling cutie who has found her way into the background and galleries of many a cell phone…HOWEVER.

Yes, that is one big However.

I went back to work last Monday. And by back to work I mean I walk downstairs and turn my computer on (with the exception of a small snafu on the first day). The munchkin stays upstairs with one of her small army of awesome sitters. And hollers. Yep, still not sure tomorrow’s sitter will be back…

Just kidding.

I hope…

For a little variety today she decided to switch things up…she unleashed the beast early. Daddy worked downstairs and Mommy dealt with Mad baby. Mad baby would calm, lay down for a nap…and then, Hello! The beast was back. While I make this sound drawn out and horrid, truthfully it wasn’t hour long shrieking. In reality Mad baby has short spurts of beastliness. But what these spurts manage to do is hinder progress.

My kitchen…wasn’t cleaned.

My living room…still has Christmas cards on the wall.

Cookie dough was made, but not baked until late this evening (Wendy you’re welcome. Appreciate me).

I, finally realizing this was cyclical (yes Mad Baby also is know to slow mental deduction), grabbed the Snugli and wore the munchkin around the house until she dropped off into a sound sleep. After an hour later, I put her down. She stayed asleep and I started work. And the beast was harnessed for the remainder of the night.

Daddy says if mommy could arrange that fussy schedule everyday it’d be great. Mommy incinerated daddy with one quick glare.

He should just be glad I washed the cookies and baked the baby…oh wait… back up…reverse that…

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Mark said...

pretty sure that was Marc's joke..