Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Post in which I pretend my siblings don’t read my blog and get a big head…

But if any of you know my siblings, they will get a big head and make comments on this post…but I plow ahead anyway.


This is the blog where I talk about siblings, my siblings—all seven of them—and how I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

There, I said it.

What? You actually want more…siiigh—you will cause my siblings to have over-inflated egos you know.

Recently, I’ve heard comments from expectant mommies who currently have an only child. They’ve expressed guilt for their first—guilt about being excited for the second, and guilt for the second for feeling guilty about the first. I have one word for them, “Stop.” Mommies, you have no idea that you are giving your child the best gift you could ever give them. You are giving them a playmate, a companion, a accomplice, a confidante…the list goes on and on.

I know a little about parent sharing. I can’t say that I’ve ever felt that I was neglected or didn’t get enough attention. Granted as a kid I wanted to take skating and gymnastics and horseback riding…all of which my mom said, “if everyone can’t do it, no one can.” But really, those were passing phases, and I’m no worse for not doing those things.

Especially, as we get older, and the bickering and book throwing (yes, that’s what I mean, ask Mark and Kurt) subside, I have grown to appreciate my siblings more and more. Not only for what they can do for me (hey another benefit of siblings is a labor force—just be prepared to return in kind) but also what they mean. It means difficult decisions and burdens can be shared.  When my dad was overseas, I was so grateful to have siblings who understood exactly what my family was going through. When my grandma was sick, you didn’t have to feel bad about explaining things, because they already knew. When planning my parents’ anniversary party, there were seven others to help.

I will not try to delude you all to think that my siblings always lived harmoniously. If you know any of my siblings at all…you know—see aforementioned book throwing. There were days when after staying home alone with a number of siblings, upon mom’s return I told her in no uncertain terms “you cannot leave so-and-so here again. S/he’s horrible.” Once you got your driver’s license you were obligated to play taxi to the younger siblings—occasionally with a little grumbling. You scoff and roll your eyes during another siblings temper tantrums. But do you know what? Folks, that’s called ammo. For potential boy/girlfriends, children, etc. etc. etc.—those stories come out again and again. And so does the laughter.

So, for all you parents out there expanding your family of three to four. Congratulations! Be guilt-free, you have no idea what you’re getting into (really you don’t, are you crazy?! j/k). Just sit back (ok there may be some child rearing, fight breaking up, and disciplining involved) and watch your children’s relationship bloom. If you have to feel guilty, don’t let them know—they have no idea that you think they should be jealous or are going to be missing out. They will follow your lead. So don’t worry, be happy.

And one day you can have pictures like these of the moments your little siblings spend together.


Now you just can’t wait can you?


sabres431 said...

The taxi driving wasn't an issue. It was being sent to buy milk with rolls of PENNIES!!! GRRRR And what is Kate doing behind me?? :-/ Oh and I didn't throw books, that was Mark. I just locked him in rooms. ;-)

kef21287 said...

Kurt farted and I was trying to protect myself from the toxic fumes???? :-P

Eric Knox said...

First of all, I already had a big ego and second I love the wedding picture because Peter looks like he is 5 in it!

Mark said...

hey, i got pretty good with throwing books... and climbing out of windows when locked in my room.