Monday, May 30, 2011

My smallest Family Picnic ever

Now if you know my family, you know that a small FAMILY gathering doesn’t exist—expect when everyone except Mark’s family and mine are out of town. Today Mark, Christine and the little Monkey butt came over (and Shadow too) and had a small picnic for Memorial Day. The perfect weather…picnic food…good company made it for quite a day.



Mark even managed to fix our toilets and help Marc move a dresser so it can be repainted and repurposed for the soon to be nursery. It was a hand me down to a bachelor, and goodness knows what happened to it along the way. But it’s the perfect height for a changing table and it’s sturdy. Throw on a coat of butter yellow and it’s gender neutral.

The day was the little man’s first real day of heat, and he took it true to baby form. He slept alll day. Even when his mean Aunt Tracy splashed him with cold water to cool him off, he barely flinched. It wasn’t until he cooled of in the A/C that we saw his handsome baby blues.



He even slept through the photo shoot of his stylish faux-hawk (as my husband informs me it is properly called.)

(pictures courtesy of a very proud and paparazzi stricken papa, Mark)

After such a food fest, the night was a perfect one for a walk. Not too hot, not too humid—the birds were singing and the breeze was blowing. Made me long for a good ol’ Camp Seven Hills campfire.


christine said...

such a cute blog tracy!! I love it!! I was looking for a way to tag myself in it so it would end up on my page. lol. I think I'm "tagging" obsessed! :) thanks for having us over!!!

Mark said...

lol..."paparazzi stricken"