Sunday, June 5, 2011

OK listen up, baby mine…

So maybe, little one, just maybe, the work I did in the garden a  few weeks ago was  a little overdoing it. Maybe, I deserved being hobbled to the point of temporary cripple-dom. Maybe.

But this weekend, painting a dresser—YOUR dresser? How is that overdoing it? I was mostly sitting, or standing…but there was no sweat drawing physical labor. So why did I once again finding myself competing with a tortoise for the slowest moving or a skeleton for the creakiest. Getting off the couch required your daddy as a crutch.

So you just listen here, I have four and a half months to go, and during that time I need to get stuff done. Understand? I cannot be crippled just by cleaning or getting your room in order. Got it? All right, glad we had this little talk.




For the rest of the world, sorry for disciplining my child in public. But I did have a very productive weekend. Brandy came and helped me paint the dresser. We were aiming for a butter yellow, and what we got is…well…yellow.


We also managed to put pictures on the walls in the living room and the spare bedroom. It only took us two years of owning the house. And I bought curtains—hopefully they too will be up this weekend.

Hey, Aunt Lucy! The cross-stich is up—finally! It’s a perfect fit!


We also moved the twin bed out of the nursery and into the guest room. Things are moving along…even me—I’m working out my kinks this morning, and no longer would a foot race the tortoise be a competition.

And since I know some of you have been asking, here’s my belly:


(and look, before and after we put up pictures!)

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day!


sabres431 said...

Shouldn't it be "baby OF mine"?

Love your wonderful brother,

Kurt ;-)

Casey said...