Monday, June 20, 2011

I had my ultrasound today…

and I’m having a baby! And from the looks of it s/he’s a thumb sucker.

Oh what’s that?  You want to know the gender?   Sorry, you’re gonna have to wait, just like Marc. We’re gonna be the couple our OB talks about for couples undecided about finding out. But that’s our fun little secret—unless I told you our compromise, then it’s your secret too.

Speaking of OBs, I love ours. After measuring my growing incubator (aka tummy) she asks, “Are you having twins?” Haha, I think Marc died a little. But with the measurements and the ultrasound, my due date had change a nudge. I’m now due on October 27.

But for now it’s yellows and greens for this little one.

We went and did our baby registry at Babies ‘R’ Us this weekend. Can you saw ommygoshwhydoyouneedallthisstuffmyfeetaretired? Yeah cuz that’s pretty much it. I walked down aisle after aisle saying, “why do you need this? Why do you need that?” But we got our registry started/done. I have some small things to adjust/add/delete but it’s pretty much done. Phew. I don’t know that it was super dee-duper fun for either of us. But we had some moments of  “aw, cute, we want that.”

Also, in preparation for the new little Tessier, we gifted ourselves with a new table and chairs for our anniversary. Our anniversary isn’t for another month—but Crawford Furniture had a really nice sale and we know that the table we purchased will last for a while, even under the attack of the little Tessiers (both the two and four legged ones).


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