Saturday, June 25, 2011

Five and a half months later…and it’s still weird

When I first told Brandy I was gonna be a mama, every other sentence from my mouth was “It’s weird.”

Five and a half months later, 22 weeks, it’s still weird to think about.

Legit Five month (22 week) baby belly

Two ultrasounds later in which I saw a moving, living baby; on in which I clearly saw a face. Five months of hearing a heartbeat. A few weeks of feeling the little tyke punch/kick/hiccup/move/whatever.


I can’t grasp it. Sometimes I look in the mirror and for a moment am surprised by my belly. I know it’s there…can’t really forget about it…especially when I bump things with it.

But, yep, weird…weird…weird.

Does it ever not feel weird? I mean it means I’m old enough to be called mom—I can’t pretend to be one of the “kids” anymore.

I’ve always wanted to be a mom…still want to be a mom…yet now that it’s real—it’s still not real?

So far this month has been my favorite of my pregnancy so far. The baby’s making his presence known. It’s clear by looking I’m not just gaining weight—I’m a mama-to-be. I’m not sick. I’m less tired. It’s been so nice, yet I look forward to a few stronger kick and punches (not wallops, please) so the hubs can share in the amazement. Soon come…Soon come.

But for now…it’s just weird.

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Mark said...

when s/he comes out it's less weird, but only because there is no time to think about it...