Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The end of an era


With that diploma ends a quarter of a century of Knoxes at St. Leo’s school…Do you see that people?  A QUARTER OF A CENTURY! Being that there are eight of us kids that’s not quite so hard to imagine, I guess…

But today my baby brother became a high schooler. I remember when he was cute and little—hey Peter! What happened? (I have some blackmail pictures of that cute and little Peter that will come out of the archives someday…mwahaha)

DSCN1260  DSCN1265  







Congratulations, Peter!


There are not many others who traveled through the years with us. Below is a picture of my parents and one of the two teachers at the school that survived the Knox era at St. Leo’s. He taught us all. And there isn’t a student out there that doesn’t appreciate Mr.. W.


Now on to the next chapter….

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