Thursday, July 29, 2010

Backpacking Part 3: And this is why I go back for s’more

For all the “tales of woe” we backpackers extol, there are many reason we keep going back. And views like this are one of those reasons.

And others like this…

081 049 And then there is this…

There is nothing that compares to the hypnotic tranquility of a campfire in the middle of nowhere. There are no campers from other campsites to disturb your silence. And when there is fire, there are….

074 S’MORES!!!! (But we’ve addressed this before…)

There is a camaraderie that creates great entertainment. The ways you fill your free hours are very original…whether it’s story time

067 - Copy 

Taking silly pictures…

Or playing games…


They are so much more hilarious in the middle of the woods with a close group of friends. Right Sarah?

068 - Copy

The physical exertion makes you feel such a sense of accomplishment. It allows you to eat all those s’mores , too. And Christmas carols are fun to sing in the rain on July 25. There’s nothing quite like belting out any and every song in your backpacking soundtrack at the top of you lungs.

And there’s nothing quite like hanging with some of your favorite people….

and being the reason for so much excitement. Don’t they look giddy?

Why do you go back for s’more?


And just for fun, I thought I’d add this picture. smile_teeth

(a special thanks to Eric, from whom I stole many pictures for this Backpacking series)

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