Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding Anniversaries

So I have discovered that wedding anniversaries are, for lack of a better word odd. One would think they were like Valentine’s Day or a birthday. People call you to wish you “Happy Birthday,” they ask what your significant other got you for Valentine’s Day, and all-in-all they recognize the significance of the day.

Birthdays are important to multiple people, not just to the person that celebrates the day. Parents celebrate the day they added a child to the family, as do grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Valentine’s Day is celebrated by most couples in the Western Hemisphere (at the very least).

Wedding anniversaries, well they are significant to two people: the husband and the wife. Later on they may become important to the children created from that marriage, and as the milestones increase, the rarity of their relationship makes the day more significant to others, but on those first anniversaries, it’s the husband and the wife. And this wife, wasn’t sure what to expect. Nor do I believe was the husband. The wife established an non-romantic gift giving by presenting the husband with a composter—yes that’s right, a composter. The husband, in this relationship, has more of a handle on the romance department and gave the wife a frame for “a Happy Disney picture” and a gift card so the wife can purchase something she has thus far been too cheap to buy. We’re priceless aren’t we?

We did get a few phone calls wishing us a Happy Anniversary and some cards (and a few Facebook greetings), but it was kinda a weird “what, you don’t know what today is?” kind of feeling for the most part. Maybe it’s just me…but it was weird.

That said we had an amazingly delicious dinner at Harry’s (cha-ching) that I had decided we were going to spend money on, whilst we still had the money to do it…because in the future, oh say when there are children, we may just manage to afford Friendly’s.

001 002 003008012

Isn’t my date so good looking? ;-)


His meal doesn’t look too bad either…

 005 006

Pretty fine looking dish here too.


Hey! Look! Pictures of me!010011

And look, a couple picture too!!!

014 015

(Oh and I’m supposed to give my brother Kurt credit for sending me the MP3 of “Wonderful Tonight,”our wedding song, for the last post. Kurt, you happy now?)

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