Monday, August 2, 2010

The proper utilization of siblings


Being that I have a gaggle of siblings, I would say I’m quite experienced in the big sister role. I feel that I have great knowledge to share on many sibling related topics. The most important is how to use your siblings properly. Done correctly, you can benefit in many ways, you can get your apartment packed. You can get your husband’s apartment packed. You can get your furniture moved. You can get your house painted. And on and on it goes.

Today we are going to deal with the cleaning of gutters and the hanging of vertical blinds.

Now, many people accuse me of being a slave driver. If your siblings are complaining that you are a slave driver while they are “in use,” you are not doing something correctly. If other people (not the siblings currently “in use”), those other people are jealous and you are doing something right.

First, your siblings must be fed.p_00347

And then you need to constantly provide them with nourishment.

049 But not just any nourishment.


But genuine, this-really-isn’t-that-good-for-you-nourishment.

p_00342p_00348Actually, many times it consists of quite a bit of bacon. But on this gutter/vertical blinds day, it consisted of s’mores, ice cream, burgers, fries, onion rings, chicken sandwiches, Panera’s, Pizza…you get the idea. So, number one priority in the proper utilization is food.

Entertainment also is important. Whether it consists of a trip to the Latin American Cultural Association, which just happens to also be very entertaining, or burning things. Siblings often like burning things. As you can tell, Sarah was very excited about fire.


Then, once their tummies are full, and they have been properly entertained, you put them to work doing all sorts of things.

Like hauling bags of dirt.


Climb on the roof and clean gutters.


  Shove hands down rainspouts to clear them out.


Measure… 057

And Install vertical blinds.077

While the “utilizers” of the siblings, kick back and takes it easy.

Just kidding.

067 070

And apparently, you also let the siblings hijack the camera.


And you can even let those who recently had their wisdom teeth removed sit out for the work session and stay home and eat Jell-O. We missed you “Alvin.”

And at the end of the weekend, we have clean gutters and two sets of nicely hung vertical blinds.079

And to think people have asked me if I ever wished I was an only child. Silly rabbits…

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