Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not the Cake Boss..

I have taken over making the majority of the cakes for the family birthdays. It helps my mom out and I have fun. Sometimes I run out of originality…sometimes I’m inspired.

Over the years I have done such cakes such as this/these for Mark and Eric who share a birthday:

Soccer field and hockey rink


Big 3-0






But the one I made yesterday…well it takes the cake…har,har,har… We were celebrating Wendy and Peter’s birthday on the same day. They wanted two different types of cake, of course. Chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting and Funfetti with Strawberry frosting.  And I needed a way to transport them both. So I sliced them, frosted them and voila. You now have a….002004016

…caterpillar-worm-snake. What? I’m not actually supposed to know what I made am I. Mid-creation I was expecting disaster to be the best outcome. But I think it’s kinda cute. Don’t you?

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