Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Memere’s house and awesome friends

So the lil monkey butt is doing better these days and his parents are test driving the working parent thing and leaving the lil dude with his Memere (my mom) this week. They just want to make sure all the glitches are worked out before he starts with his day care providers.

You guys, do you know what this means? This means this aunt gets nephew time ALL WEEK…hehe. Because Memere’s house isn’t too far—and provides food for my tummy Open-mouthed smile  Besides the cousins need bonding time right? Right? Thought so.

When thinking about my mom as a memere, I stumbled upon a very big dilemma…who qualifies as the World’s Best Memere? My loyalties are torn—is it my mom, because well obviously, or MY Memere (my mom’s mom) because again, obviously…

So I decided that if I ever had to make “World’s Best Memere” t-shirts (all right Giroux clan this is when we laugh imagining our Memere actually wearing said t-shirt), I guess my mom would have to wear a “World’s Best Memere-in-training” shirt. Since my Memere’s a memere to 26 grandkids and a plethora of great-grandkids (11…I think…we are a family of rabbits, how am I supposed to keep track?), she’s clearly in the lead with the experience thing…but no doubt about it, there are shoes to be filled.


Also. You guys…my sister Sarah? I may have mentioned this before…but she’s AWESOME. After a very tasty (and hot) Taste Of Buffalo, a few of the siblings came to cool off in the pool. And I offered Sarah the opportunity to spend the night—she didn’t say no. Just “what about clothes?” To which my response was to point to all the pre-maternity clothes that were piled in the guest room…lol.

And those clothes, are now all nicely folded onto shelves, in baskets and in storage bins. My guest room, can once again house guests and the nursery isn’t like walking into a death trap. I can just imagine that this kiddo of mine will not be sleeping in the hallway…at the very least I can put the crib in the middle of the room—I jest, don’t worry.

Because Sarah=awesome.


The other reason I have to go to my mother’s house, other than to play with the nephew, is to pick up my thank you notes, because, my friends are awesomesauce! I haven’t even had this baby, nor a baby shower, and still I’ve already gotten gifts! I know my kiddo will be loved, and probably spoiled, but that’s ok because my friends rock! The only sad part is I’ve gotten gifts from friends who can’t come to my shower and who I haven’t seen in a while.

But thanks guys!!!!

And those thank you notes—much like my shower invites you may have seen—are the work of another awesome sister, Heidi. She’s a Graphic Arts major and personally I think she’s pretty gosh darn good. I said—pond theme…dragonflies, frogs, lily pads..you know pond. And she came up with this:

Thank yous- Tracy

So. Perfect.

I think we gave her a day to come up with a design. How she does this on a computer, I have no idea. She also did my wedding invitations—but didn’t have the computer program and did it by hand. Now she’s doing the wedding invitation for a friend of hers—Heather stop changing your design, she can’t use up all her ideas on you Smile with tongue out!But if any of you need wedding invitations, shower invitations, birthday/anniversary invitations, thank you notes, etc., etc., etc. let me know. I’ll hook you up (and because you did these invites Heidi, I won’t charge you a commission—this timeWinking smile)

And, Wendy…as the only girl sibling without a shout out…do something cool and I’ll blog about you…until then—get back to work!


I do realize this is a rather ramble-y post, which, should it be read aloud will probably have the reader gasping for a breath at the end, but oh. well. It’s my blog—deal with it! AngelAnd on that note, I must get ready…to play with the lil monkey butt…er, rather, you know, start my day.


Casey said...

I like your ramblies! And I'll be at the shower, FYI. I need to rsvp still. ~Casey

Sherri said...

no shower for me... i live far away! :( but, will hopefully be up there to visit soon and will see you then!