Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Low

Thursday is Holy Thursday… Maundy Thursday if you will. In good Catholic fashion I will be in faithful attendance. Moreover, as has been my practice for the last few months, I will be up, singing with all I’ve got, with the “Festival” choir. Yep, me singing….a solo…yeah you got Violin 92it right a solo.

I am a violinist, well that’s my musical background. Beginning in Fourth grade, I’d pick up my violin for my once a week lesson. I was a good student academically, but when it came to that instrument, well sometimes that lesson was the only workout those strings got.


Later, in high school, because of the nature of the Orchestra program, I played everyday, at school, in class…outside of class (and the weekly lesson) well I’d pick it up if the music was hard, but easy enough that I had a chance. 

Violin 965

So…music it’s something that I enjoy, but not something I am necessarily good at, and definitely not something that should be work.

Also as a youngster, I was a participant in the Parish Plays/Variety shows. In those I was a singer-as part of a chorus, or a group. But never on my own…

Parish show 94(2) Parish show 95 Parish show94

And so, my always supportive family has continued their never wavering support. But no one more than my mother. “What were you the only one who is going to be there?” Then I tell her the solo is in Spanish (yep guess how I got picked for that one) “Well no one will notice when [not if] you mess up.” Thanks Mom; love you too Mom.

So when Thursday night comes, you will find me a wreck of nerves…I won’t pass out, that’s not like me. But I could blow it, totally mess up the high D that’s on the upper limits of my range or just sing it “so low” you can’t hear me. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it.

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WOW, nice pictures!! LOL