Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The wisdom of mom

Recently we’ve had a few parties at our house: our send off for Wendy and, even more recently, Easter. As you may know, we have a bar in our basement

Well sometimes the party leads to many “that’s what she said” comments and the world falls apart from there. Well the introduction of new drinks to our knowledge banks exacerbated this juvenile conversation recently. “Buttery Nipples,” “Slippery Nipples” and “Orgasm” combined with my siblings….

My mother didn’t raise us to speak this way. Heck going to an R rated movies at my age still brings disapproval. Calling my father a bastard (in jest of course) brought a frown, but it was during a card game. Even my super Catholic grandmother says “shit” during card games; with this as my defense, even my mom can’t argue…

Well our inappropriate conversations resulting from “Tracy will you make me an orgasm” and  “Mark and Marc your orgasms are ready” gained some of the siblings a “talk.” And the “talk” resulted in a sibling bitch session. Honestly, we should expect nothing less. For my younger sibling especially, the rearing is not yet finished. Sure they hear talk at school, but my mom wants to make sure they know that’s not acceptable…aka she doesn’t want to hear that in public. And that’s fine. I wouldn’t yell that I made my brother an Orgasm in public—why, well frankly I think it’s illegal.

So why the siblings complain about mom being ridiculous and conservative, I’m just going to appreciate her as my mom, with all her infinite wisdom. And  I’ll probably emulate her in my teen rearing years.DSCN0082










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