Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the wisdom (?) of mom

Well after I waxed beautiful poetry about the wisdom of my mother, she stiffed me for lunch. Every week my mom and I try to have lunch together. I got to the house, she feeds me food and we talk. Usually it falls on a Wednesday—not  for any special reason;that’s just how it is.
Well today I called to tell her I’m on my way. No answer. Hm—maybe she’s in the bathroom, running late from grocery shopping, so I head over to the house. I get to the house—the door’s locked. So I let myself in. I say hi to the dog and call my mom’s cell phone. I hear it ring—classic. It’s in the house, with me. Not helpful. So I look at the calendar—it says “T-lunch” (that’s me for lunch). Ok now I’m a bit worried.
Then I see the note on the table to my brother Eric. It says that mom will be home in time to drive him to work. I check the calendar—he works at 3 pm. What the heck? Obviously she doesn’t plan on eating with me. I steal food and head back to work.
After 2 pm I call home, Heidi answered. She tells me mom went to sub. So she looked at the calendar and STOOD ME UP!
Fast forward to 5 pm. I call mom to harass her as any good daughter should…and she says to be “Where have you been all day?” Hello? Where have I been all day? Excuse me!
Then she proceeds to tell me how she called me twice before she left and even left me a voicemail. Sometimes my phone doesn’t ring—twice though? And no voicemail…something isn’t right.
Aha, now I question her wisdom…”Mom did you call the house phone?”
LOL…we just got phone service through MagicJack. Until the hubby hooks it up in his fancy way, the phone stays by the computer. Downstairs. Where we can’t hear it in the shower, over the radio, etc.
…mystery solved…
So I proceed to tell her all the bad things that could have explained her absence…bad things with Grandpa, Dad, a sibling (since she knew she’d be home by 3 pm I figured she was ok)… and do you know what she did? She laughed, at me, at my worry…fine mom, just fine…

And to show how much my mom loves me…here she is threatening to throw a water bottle at me…feel the love people, feel the love.

Love you too Mom! Lunch on Friday anyone?

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