Sunday, March 14, 2010

Venus vs. Mars

So this weekend, I intended to clean, to organize. We are still living with boxes from our move. Some of them just hold books that need to go onto shelves. But those shelves, unfortunately, have become the homes of other objects that have yet to be given true homes. So I have a mental list of things needed to be accomplished. And what did I do this weekend? Pretty much nothing. Saturday involved lounging--all day, until we left the house at 6 pm to go to the Boy Scout dinner where my brothers received some awards.

And today, well today I spent the day shopping. Not for me. Nothing so fun. I spent the day shopping for Wendy's Corrections Academy requirements. The staple adjectives on the list were, sweats (as in sweat pants, sweat shirt, etc.), grey and conservative. The academy dress is almost tailored for Wendy. The most exciting item was a suit jacket/blazer. Granted I did buy two more bar stools for us, and some new runners/place mats--oh and baby clothes for my newest cousin.

But did I clean? Nope. Did my husband clean? Nope. I just haven't been in cleaning mode. I've had AFS calls, Sabres games (that's required viewing) and a little of this and that going on. I just haven't cleaned. I do my best cleaning when Marc's not around. Honestly, who wants to clean while their partner is shooting zombies? Marc does clean. And when he gets to it, is often a better cleaner that me. He really scrubs, organizes, cleans. But as I've been discussing of late, guys seem to have a different clean threshold from women. I see a bad of cat hair rolling like tumbleweed and out comes the Dustbuster, the swiffer and the mop and bucket. I go for an all out floor scrubbing. Then I probably vacuum and dust. Maybe Marc'll get the dust buster. No cat hair=clean. And since I hit my clean threshold before Marc, the zombies continue to meet their demise... However when family/friend/company comes over...Marc the cleaning machine gears up. Sarah's coming next weekend (he doesn't clean for her, b/c she usually helps me clean), but she's helping me get ready for Wendy's Goodbye/Go Away, company=Marc will be the clean machine...

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