Saturday, March 13, 2010

Babies on the Brain

As I said am addicted to blogs, especially blogs about the antics and cuteness of small children. As a friend of mine says "[I] have babies on the brain." She says that to me as if it's a new thing. Being married, owning a house and all, in due time, as life permits, I may just have babies in my future. Truthfully, I think I was born with "babies on the brain." Anytime I get to hold, cuddle, care for--heck even change a diaper--I call it my "baby fix." Let me tell you, I do not have nearly enough baby fix time. I need to find myself a babysitting job. A few years back, my sister asked me if I was too old to babysit. My answer then and remains today "Hell no!"

Maybe someday when the cooing of infants or the pitter patter of toddlers fills my house, maybe then I will be "too old." I sincerely doubt it.

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