Monday, June 14, 2010

10 years already?

So today I met with a small group of my high school graduating class to run through the details for our 10 year reunion.

It’s a weird feeling, the ten year mark. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been out of high for ten years, but at the same time it feels like we have been graduated and moved along for so much longer.

Going over the list of names of the Sweet Home class of 2010, it was weird to see how many names I didn’t recognize, how many people I didn’t know. Now I hadn’t gone to the Sweet Home Public schools my whole education career, being a Catholic school girl, but I at least thought I recognized most of the names if I didn’t “know know” the people. Yeah, so that’s not true. :-D We’ll be using name tags.

So along the beginnings of our reunion planning (of which I was not part of nor will take any credit for the hard work put forth) it was almost disgusting how much drama erupted. We are no longer teenagers and yet the harsh criticism was vast, explosive, and frankly, teenager-like. And I have yet to see the loudest critics offer to take over the reins of planning this shindig—just sayin’.

I hope that my little input is helpful. While we are trying to keep the work load low-impact as to allow the planners enjoy the reunion, I know there is a small team hauling the load. It’s nice—for me. While my time is largely directed towards my AFS-ing and that paycheck generating thing I refer to as work, I’ve made the decision to offer some of my time to hand over to my class.

It will be interesting to see where we all are in our lives. I would have never seen myself doing what I do, living where I live, married with two four legged children (ok maybe I knew I’d have a cat--since my mother would never let me). So if I didn’t see that for myself—I clearly will find it fun to see where others are and the path that got them there.

Wow…10 years…here’s to another happy, healthy 10 more. Salud!

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