Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tranquilizers and Tranquility

Today was one of those days when I just wanted a drink the moment I walked in the door.  And I’m not talking about Kool-aid. I’m thinking straight shots here…and if I thought that’d help, I’d be S***-faced right now.

Instead my plan was to do something physical. Our pool’s ready-chemicals are balanced, the pool is cleaned. I was going to go swimming. Or perhaps, I could work on my flower garden. I have plants. I need to re-weed my flower bed and then put the plants in. Pure physical labor.

The Island had other plans…

A storm cloud hung over my house—literally and figuratively. If I jumped into the pool I’m sure lightening would have begun. And when I picked up the flowers it started to pour. So much for that. Weeding would’ve not been so successful.

So I returned to the house, stared at the mountain of dirty dishes and sighed. By the way, my super awesome husband took care of that mountain of dishes. I made dinner, the sun came out. I thought about going out to my garden—the clouds came back along with the raindrops.

So my intention to take pictures of my super awesome vegetable garden to post was deterred by the rain. So instead I will tell you about the variety (influence by hubby dear) of plants in my garden. There are the “normal” plants that I have grown in a garden all of my life. There’s leaf lettuce (so yummy) and millions of green onions (my aunts bought me planting bulbs in slight excess-but never fear they will not be wasted), beans, carrots, green bell peppers, zucchini and yellow summer squash, tomatoes and pumpkins. Then for fun and variety we planted Cantaloupe, eggplant (I’m not sure how to really make a successful meal with it, but I will learn), spinach, various other colored bell peppers and lastly hot peppers. Yes, more than we can eat, but that has been Marc’s driving force behind the garden. He wanted to plant hot peppers, and so we did. Ironically they are not even in the garden, but in a planter on the patio so they don’t cross-pollinate with the bell peppers. Someday, should the clouds lift, you will get to see my green, vibrant garden. (I know you can barely tolerate the suspense.)

And then there are my various flower beds. I have two others besides the aforementioned weed ridden one, plus the front that I am in various stages of planting. The one (needing weeding) has a few gladiolas and oriental lilies in various stages of growth. But the farthest backyard bed I put in, dug up sod and all is the most complete. Full of perennials struggling to make their presence known, a few gladiolas and annuals for color, some herbs and rhubarb.

Yep, rhubarb—it’s my greenery. But something is eating my rhubarb. Not a rabbit, as previously discussed they have not been sighted yet. But a bug—my father tells me it’s impossible, my mother tells me nothing eats rhubarb, but the fact of the matter is something is eating the leaves off my rhubarb. So I powdered them and I wait…let’s hope it works so sometime this summer I can write about making rhubarb sauce, crisp, pie…mmmm….

So here’s to hoping I will not need “tranquilizers” at the end of tomorrow, and I will be able to let off some steam and make some progress in my garden at the end of the day. If not, someone please have the “Kool-aid” ready at the door.

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