Monday, July 26, 2010

Backpacking Part 1: You have to prove nothing to anyone but yourself

017 And guys? I think KNOW you did it!

Just what did you prove?

* You can survive massive (and I mean massive) wind storms in a tent (even if you are huddled in the middle of your tent holding hands). The town of Allegany, NY was only miles north of us Tornadoes just miles away

* You can poop in the woods. And apparently the percentage of being “walked in” on are higher in a latrine

*You will swim in the reservoir even when we just talked about water snakes.


*Tuna fish tastes good right out of the packet. Even if you don’t like tuna and especially when it is pouring and you are hungry.

*S’mores are always good. Always.


* Sarah is a frickin’ antelope (why didn’t you guys believe me? Were you trying to kill me?)

106*Wendy and I are old (I mean I realized that the last trip, but poor Wendy just discovered this fact)

090* You can hang a bear bag tree (but you didn’t prove you could throw the rope over, but we had Wendy so who else needed too?)

*You thought you put the fire out, but insane winds can bring it back to life (and thankfully the drenching rains put it out)

*You can build a shelter that mostly withstands said crazy windstorm (and only didn’t completely withstand said storm because one of the sticks broke)


   * You are very talented rock skippers


*Guys do have the whole peeing in the woods thing much easier.

*You will not die on “the hill of death” no matter how much you think you will

*Blisters suck

*Rain sucks

*Backpacking is meant to be fun When you start to be miserable and stop having fun, it’s time to change into dry clothes and go home (especially if you last day’s campsite is under water and two downed fir trees)

*Backpacking IS fun.


Smelly, drenched, sore,  and tired—you did it! (and heck I DID IT!)


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