Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coming down and keeping one’s pants on


This post was supposed to post Monday, but my internet went down, and then I haven’t been on my computer since then. So here goes…

What did you do today? Since we came back early, I had a free day. I mowed the lawn (well the front and a bit of the back until my mom hijacked the lawn mower and finished it for me) and weed wacked and then I did this…aaaallllll day.

141 142 146 150 152

And my crazy siblings did this…


196 211 214  231 232 270 276  256 257 263 174 265

And the managed not to stay up in the sky, and no one lost their swim suit bottoms in the pool. Lucky for us all.

I even gave it a go, but due to the pain it caused some blisters, I was a total fail.(Note the look of pain on my face.)


So I joined the less crazy people on the deck, in the sun. Although when you see how my mom is sitting on the lounge chair, you have to wonder.



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