Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A creature, a critter and an A/C man named Joe

So here’s the promised happy resolution to my July 4th weekend mishaps.

Well iced tea is cleaned up, because, well, I cleaned it up. There was no happy resolution to that except that I cleaned out the fridge a little. Iced tea cleanup: check!

So A/C defunctness=grumpy Tracy. Therefore it was imperative that it be fixed. I looked in the phone book for Island based repair men. Wait, what? You don’t know what a phone book is? You know it’s made of paper—has names and numbers on it. You must look up repairmen by category and business name…and in instance I’m so glad I didn’t rely on Google. In this wonderful paper phone book I noticed that there was a company run out of an address on my street. Hoping that being neighbors would help, Marc called them. And I am so happy he did. The awesome A/C man, Joe, has been in the trade for years. He stopped by on his way home…and FIXED OUR A/C. He apologized for the bill (Freon apparently isn’t cheap), which was way cheaper than I was expecting, and gladly accepted our offer of a zucchini. So A/c repair: check!

Ok, the pool. That damned pool. I hate cleaning the thing. I spend more time cleaning it that I do in it. Not acceptable. So yesterday I went and bought an AquaCritter. This wonderful robot-like vacuum thing vacuums the pool by itself. I unfortunately haven’t had time to run it long enough to clean the entire pool. But it works, I can tell that at least. And the best part? It looks like a bug! Pool vacuum cleaner: Check! Pool clean…welll, that’s in the works.

Lastly, as I mentioned yesterday, the Kia is running so I have a vehicle, which is good. Doesn’t cool off as quickly as I’d like, but it’s better than having to rely on Marc’s hours.

My garden is being eaten by a mouse. I’ve seen him. He almost ran across my toes. He ate our melon plants, so I guess we won’t see how those do. It is nibbling on some bean plants and a pepper. Other than those, he seems to be staying away from the others. I guess we’ll have to do something about him. But I am a softy. Marc will be laying and emptying traps.

So for the most part my issues have been resolved. Yay! A/c at the very least makes me less grumpy. I have a car. I’m picking food right and left from the garden. It’s great.

Now if I could just spend an evening home to enjoy it all.

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