Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome Home…to a house falling down

Ok so maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I got home on Sunday to one miserable disaster to another.

First, it was upper 80s here on Sunday. I walk into the house after arriving from DC, and ask Marc if the A/C was on. It was. It was 86 inside, it was 86 outside. Not good. Mind you I still have to pay the deductible for my car repairs…and the cost of this is just adding to that.

Then, as I’m looking to see if there are onions in the fridge, I notice that the vegetable drawer is partially filled with what appears to be water. I quickly notice that it was ice tea…and that the drawer storing my butter and chocolate chips was over half full of iced tea. I had to completely empty the bottom two shelves and the drawers, wash the shelves and the refrigerator item, and put them all back.


The end result, no fireworks for me. Although I did come to realize that I can see the fireworks from my kitchen window.

Prior to the iced tea discovery, I came to notice that a critter was munching on my newly sprouting beans. Grr…


Fast forward to Monday. Marc tries to pull his winter POS car from the garage. Surprise the rear passenger wheel has seized up. There is carpeting in the garage. The seized up wheel—in Marc’s attempt to force the wheel to turn—starts bunching the carpet up and dragging all the items with it. Gah!

I wanted to go swimming since the A/C was defunct—but no…the chemicals were all wacked and the pool needed a mega sweeping. I issued an edict-we get a automatic pool sweeper thing or we get rid of the pool.

 sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun

Yes, I am attempting to elicit your pity. Did it work? Don’t feel too bad; tomorrow you’ll get the happy resolutions.


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