Sunday, July 18, 2010

Computer frustrations

I once again am guilty of not keeping my blog up to date.


Well this is why…

[pretend you are looking at pictures of swimming…turtle

and…the Taste of Buffalo (mmm)pizza

and…Waldfest (aka German drinking fest)beer]


“Why pretend?” you say. “Show us the pictures!” you say.

Well my computer hates my camera…and my scanner…and is pretending to reject my power supply (but that is all lies since it charges when it tells me it’s not going to charge).

This better not mean I need a new computer…seriously now. I just paid my deductible for deer damage. And I have this stupid water bill….*tangent alert*now that’s a scam. When I put water in my pool and my garden, you cannot automatically assume it goes through the sewer and therefore charge me for it…because, well, IT DIDN’T GO TO THE SEWER! *end of tangent*

And we have plans people, plans for Disney in October and I’m going backpacking this weekend (this is advanced warning that the blogging may slack again this week—and most definitely this weekend) and I don’t have time, energy or the desire to spend money to get a new computer. Four years old isn’t that old for a computer that frankly isn’t taxed often. So Computer, get your act together. These people want pictures!

My husband’s solution to the camera issues—don’t take pictures onto the internal memory (which, mind you, I don’t know how it happened). Gee thanks…

The end.

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