Sunday, July 18, 2010

We tricked the Camera…

into coughing up my pictures *happy dance*         

Family pool time (where we had to scold the parents for their near violent pool horse play)

017 018 019


Taste of Buffalo…

 015 Se the advertisement in the back for free S’mores photos…oh yes we did!

And Waldfest…

024    025


Who’s that fine looking fellow?


This is what it’s all about now isn’t it?

029 030


031 032 036

Waldfest is the annual celebration of fine German food and booze—but by the numbering of staggering Germans-for-the-day—it clearly is about the booze. Which results in a lot of dancing fools and is attended by a lot of lederhosen wearing Yanks…

This year it was so well attended that they started running out of food and *gasp* booze. Luckily, by that time, the peons were too sauced (my husband hates when I use that word—something about “only old people” say that) to revolt.

Nevertheless, fun was had by all.

Has anyone notice the astonishing feature of this post…no?

Well I have three (count ‘em 1…2…3…) nice pictures of my husband. And he’s not making a patronizing or annoyed face in any of them.

And me? Where are the pictures of me? Well apart from my brief appearance in the pool shot, this is all I got.


Oh well.

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