Saturday, August 7, 2010

It’s always a party when family is around

So my family (or a rather small portion of my family) came over Friday night for some swimming, campfire, s’mores and  drinks.

In preparation for this gathering I stocked up on graham crackers and chocolate (I already had the marshmallows). I balanced the chemicals in the pool, and I made sure we had firewood. I bought some wine, pop and a few munchies. Then I got home from work—and the skies let loose. And so we had drinks… I bought Wine “Margarita” mixed from the fair last year and I was saving it to drink pool side when the aunts came to visit. Well, we may not have had them poolside, but had them we did (Note to self: use a drier white wine next time)

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If you let these types of pictures be taken, you deserve for them to show up online.016034

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Then I brought out these. A photo does not adequately display the size of these monstrosities…let’s just say one marshmallow equals one serving. And then you were full. I forgot to bring the bag to my picnic and now I have most of a bag full. I can only feed Salem so many marshmallows….

(I did not take any of these photos, so I cannot take blame credit for the quality of the photo or the subject matter…just sayin’)

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