Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Log on, Crash, Reboot



So, long before I met my husband, I bought this t-shirt. It’s the total dork in me that made me do it.

Not only was my future foretold by this shirt, it also provides is a clearly academic visual for what my hubby and my relationship is like.

The hubby is a total computer geek—it’s oozes out his pores. And I, well I am quite computer literate, but by no means can I set up a network or a VPN (if you want to know what this is you can be schooled by the hubby at another time) or any other fun stuff such as that. I’d much rather be out and about.

I’m constantly on the go, and one of my torturous joys(love it even while it’s killing me) is backpacking. The hubby too likes to camp, and occasionally likes the outdoors, but you will never catch him backpacking (which is good, someone must watch the “children.”)DSCN0202  

And yet, like any good t-shirt design, we make sense.

It’s the little things that make me love him. For instance, today. I got home from work just totally and completely exhausted. Trying to come up with an idea for dinner and the desire to cook was almost beyond me. I had gone out for Mexican with work to celebrate the beginning of my 6th year of employ with the office (yeah, tell me about it), and I didn’t really want to go out or order pizza. And then my lover-ly husband suggest Subway and my heart melts (so maybe it wasn’t THAT dramatic). And so on the day my brain shuts off, his kicks into I’m-going-to-make-my-wife-happy mode. And he brought me a chocolate chip cookie!

Some people read the future in the stars, some in cards, some in tea leaves—but us, we had the future told by a t-shirt. Be jealous.

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Johanna of These Prices said...

Aw. That is cute. Thank you for linking up for Wedded Wednesday!