Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So while I was contemplating what and how much I should post regarding my little drama the other day, I was contemplating many factors:

-If a potential employer stumbles across this someday, how will what I say reflect on me

-If my current employer stumbles across this, what reaction will result

-The whole world can read this, how much of this should they know

-Can anyone be hurt by the words I write

The last one is a sentiment that I reflect on a lot when the internet is involved. Especially when Facebook is involved. How easy is it to post something when you are hurt and angry and then regret it later. Does it pour acid on an already open wound? Does someone you know also friends with the person you are mad at? I often cannot believe what one person posts on-line about another person I’m friends with. It hurts me when slanderous words are made public.

I often see people in relationships air their “dirty laundry” on-line. I can never see anything but bad coming out of negative relationship Facebook posts. There are times when my husband and I don’t see eye to eye. In fact last week, we had a stupid spat, that was mostly me emotional and dealing with my work crap. And I just couldn’t “hear” the words being said. Now if I had posted about that on-line, I would’ve been most likely been posting irrationally and upset. And nothing that I would’ve posted would’ve helped us resolve our issues.

If you don’t want people asking questions. Don’t post. Especially don’t (as my brother calls it) “vaguebook.” While I’m aware that Sunday’s Facebook status and my blog post were very clear examples of “vaguebooking,” I needed all the thoughts and prayers to get me through the next day. And then I tried to clarify as much as my conscience would let me the next day. TO those who really wanted to know, and deserved to know more—they got a private message not open to the whole world.

These days computer classes are mostly a joke in elementary schools—the kids know more than the teachers. Maybe on-line etiquette and safety should be taught instead. And perhaps some adults on my Facebook friend list should join in.

Trying to get a job? Will you be trying some day? Are you employed and want to stay that way? Are you a teacher (bet every single student with a Facebook account has looked you up)? Set your profiles to “locked-down-tight-as-a-prison” private and then proceed with care, courtesy and caution. No pictures of illegal pre-21 drinking, no statuses that reflect activities that are suspect (illegal, stupid, not reflecting well on your decision-making abilities, etc.) and only post statuses that reflect a person an employer wants on board. Remember what goes up on-line, almost never-ever goes away.

And in the end if you wouldn’t say something to a person’s face, then don’t put it on-line. That’s cowardly.

And just remember if it’s nunya biznez, it’s nunya biznez.


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Mark said...

vaguebooking. That was me!