Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Chronicles of the Unemployed: Day 1

(Hey look, now my blog has a theme! Unemployment…be jealous, ha!)

Yesterday marked Day 1 of my life as an unemployed person. I have never, not since I started working, ever been unemployed. I’ve always worked, and worked hard. At age 11, I had a paper route, which I kept until I began working in retail—paper routes my friends are hard work. You know the post office motto “Through rain, through snow…yada, yada?”  Well those mail carriers get Sundays off, and snow days, but paper carriers? Paper carriers deliver those papers, and if they are delayed by rain, snow, sleet or hail, their customers will call and complain—repeatedly. But I digress…

Yesterday, I promised myself I’d take a day not related to work, the work hunt, house maintenance, etc. I haven’t had a day to do nothing in a long, long time. That’s not to say I actually did nothing. Yesterday, I made some phone calls and did some running around that we’ve been putting off for a while. I cancelled cable (that we’ve been intending to do for a while) and returned the equipment. When you have a computer geek for a husband, and your TV is directly connected to a computer, there’s not much point to cable. One of these days we’ll install the antenna in the crawl space (although given current temperatures, we may melt while up there).

I wrote my resignation letter. I know, you can feel the excitement palpitating through the internet. Contain yourself, will ya? I’m just waiting for the calm, cool and less-biased brain of my husband to give it the once over. You know, to make sure I kept things professional.

Took my car to the brother’s and had some of that regular maintenance-so-my-car-doesn’t-hate-me work done. And then I went home…to dinner already made. Oops…on the first day that I’m not working, dinner wasn’t waiting for the hubs when he got home. But it is what it is.

Day 2? Well I have a phone interview today, a resume to get out (thanks Sarah!), some unemployment applying research to do, some interview prepping to engage in (shout out to Glenn for the reference material—it’s stellar)—and I think I’ll do some laundry, dishes and organize this unorganized-mess-we-call-an-office. Oh I just can’t wait!

Thanks for all your support!

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