Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedded Wednesday

Holy cow it’s September! And today is Wednesday. And so, once again, I link up with Joanna over at These Prices for today’s reminder to focus on your marriage, because hello, your marriage is more important than, like, for instance, your job. Your job is not your life (and reading only about my unemployment journey might get boring after a while).

Today we’ll focus on “If marriage is so great, why do so many people get divorced?”

Are you ready world? Because I have the solution to this. My earth shattering knowledge will cause divorce rates to plummet. Yeah, right. Folks, I’ve been married for one year. A measly year. What do I know?

I do believe that so many people get divorced because marriage is hard work. Very hard work. There are days that you just want for you and, without realizing it, you shoulder aside that really important person in your life. Most people marry someone they feels complements their life—complementing though means adds something, something different. And sometimes, just sometimes, all those “differents” don’t agree. You got to talk, compromise and sometimes just agree to disagree.

Divorce happens so frequently because people are too lazy to put in the hard work that marriage requires. Or perhaps their too tired—the work is just too much. Perhaps, their hard work is focused elsewhere and marriage isn’t the priority. There are some marriages that just weren’t ever going to work I suppose.

And there ya go folk marriage guru Tracy has spoken. Riiight…

Do you want to join in? Just link up to These Prices; we’re waiting for you.

And, now, I might not be going to work, but I best keep working on this…


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