Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Chronicles of the Unemployed: Day 2/3

I’ve decided I hate the internet. After 10 hours in front of the computer, it begins to bore me. I guess I have faulty programming, since I know there are people (ehem…my husband) that could live for days on the computer.

But yep, that’s what I did yesterday, spent hours upon hours on the computer. Looking for jobs. Going to Facebook. Setting up profiles on job sites. Writing my blog. Applying for jobs. Doing a little blog stalking. Writing a cover letter. Going to Facebook. Blah blah blaaaah.

I also washed, folded and put away massive amounts of laundry. How can two people accumulate so much? Oh, yeah. If you wash and fold, but don’t put away it kinda builds up a little (ok, so a lot).

Heidi called to say she’d feed me, so I took a break and drove to the parents’ for lunch. And then I pretended I knew what Heidi was trying to do on her Adobe Suite/Flash program thing. She says something about Normally groping..perv! (just kidding, sorta—she CLAIMS she said grouping…suuure). Although I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I did figure something out (See! I am a quick learner! Hire me!)

I put some finishing touches on a cover letter and sent it out (fingers crossed), applied to a number of places (will take suggestions of places I should apply to), and stuck my resignation letter in an envelope. Thank goodness for Marc, because I just couldn’t be bothered to proofread that thing too many times. I’m trying to purge that negativity, not stir it back up. Although, Marc did have a bit of fun and went overboard so I had to edit the letter a wee bit. It’s done. And as of day three, mailed.

I failed on the having-dinner-ready-for-my-husband AGAIN, but it wasn’t really my fault. Marc had the day off to help out his mom and was home a little early. When I asked if he had any ideas for dinner, he claimed he ate a late lunch and wasn’t hungry. See I’m absolved. I did eventually make dinner at 7:30 pm…it was very fancy. Shoulda had some 5-year-olds over for dinner, because dinner was [drumroll please] mac’n’cheese with hot dogs mixed it. Yummm.

Day three’s activities consisted of making a vat of coffee for Marc to take to work and his lunch. (See, I am a good wife) I read a little, threw a load of wash into the dryer, did some dishes and then fought with the unemployment website. It’s a horrid thing. I had my application all done, complete with all my reasons to justify my quitting. Clicked “Next,” and *boom,* system error. Whaaaaat?! After an hour of filling that application out?! Ugh. So I filled it out again and this time requested the questionnaire to come via mail. That way I can’t be system error’d again. Might take a little longer, but I’ve got the time.

I went outside (and I didn’t melt, although I did get poured on) and picked some zucchini, tomatoes, and summer squash from my still productive garden. I mailed out my resignation letter and a resume…yay!

And now off to the ever frustrating job hunt. It’s not that I think I won’t get a job; it’s that I don’t know what to look for. I don’t pigeonhole into a category like education, technology, or medical. I can do administrative work, but people, I need a challenge. So if it’s just answering phones, or data entry, I don’t know how long I’d last. I know I can take something and keep looking, but what do I look for? Banks are currently high on my list, as they often request the bilingual thing a lot, and many are international based. I realllly want to keep using my Spanish, but it’s not as big of a job requirement as people think. While it might pull me ahead of another candidate for the same position, it’s not often something that’s required in the job postings. So I don’t know if I’ll use my Spanish until I go for and interview and someone tells me. 

And so my friends, I’m looking for suggestions. Potential occupations for bilingual- challenge-seeking-yours-truly? Headhunters for such positions? Job Offers?


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Eric Knox said...

Wendy says this is your most boring job yet and also Tim Hortons is Always needing bilingual employees

Tracy said...

I'm sure they do. And she's right. I'm bored--she should come visit me.