Friday, September 3, 2010

The Chronicles of the Unemployed Day 3

Have I mentioned how good it feels to have my resignation letter mailed and out of my hands? No? Well, it feels good; it feels wonderful! One more tie severed.

I appreciate the replies I received after yesterday’s post. I’ve begun exploring a few potential avenues for employment. And, I got a call back. From a headhunter, but still…it’s a callback. I’ve begun to see that those are very rare.

I have an interview today. It’s a phone interview, for a job I probably can’t accept if I get an offer, but I’m not turning down any interviews. It’s practice, and you never know how things will turn out. I'd love this job, but, um, it’s based in NYC…so…you see the problem. But I will keep my hopes high and have an awesome interview so that they’ll love me and hire me to telecommute. :-)

Yesterday, it poured. Don’t tell me it didn’t rain, because it did. On me. Enough to soak me, but not enough to water my garden. So last night saw me dragging out the hose to give my thirsty plants a drink. My garden, which for a while took a short hiatus, is back in production. I have a few zucchini piling up and the tomatoes are coming along nicely. Our bean plants are fighting back from the mouse devouring. I don’t ever get enough to actually cook, but Marc loves them raw.

So, yesterday, it was really warm in the house. I keep the A/C set really high (81 F) during the day to cut back on the electric bill. I stay downstairs where it’s cooler so I don’t melt. But at 5 pm, it’s supposed to drop to 76F. At 5:30, it’s was 83 F. Not cool (in more ways than one). If you remember, I spoke about getting our A/C fixed back in the beginning of July. So to have to get it fixed again in September…ugh. If it came to that, we’d just shut it off and deal with it until next year—or until I get a job. Well, I went over to one of the registers and told Marc that it didn’t even feel like the fan was on. A abashed look appeared on his face and he went and turned the A/C ON. D’oh. Thankfully, a stupid, but cheap and easy “fix.”

The last Buffalo Bills preseason game was last night. And we watched it on the over-the-air broadcast. We only had to play with the receiver a few times. Hopefully when we get the new one up in the crawl space the signal will be a little less temperamental. But hey, it’s free—for now I’m not complaining.

The really strange thing about this year’s football season is my husband. I’m not sure where MY husband went, but I seemed to have acquired a football fan from somewhere. Not like a I-live-in-Buffalo-I-support-the-Bills, but a it’s-almost-time-for-the-preseason-game-to-start-lets-get-downstairs fan. Normally it’s just me, and perhaps a cat, in front of the tv. Marc couldn’t be bothered. Our team stunk, there’s always a qb controversy, it’s a big joke, why watch the game—I’ve heard all of those time and time again. Now? Now I may have someone to share my bowl of popcorn with. And I’m happy about that. Football is a team sport :-)

Interview time. Wish me well. :-)

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