Friday, September 3, 2010

Never let Sarah take your camera…

Never. Because you will have a lot of pictures and apparently videos of feet on your camera. We had a baking night at my house last week and I know Sarah was taking a lot of baking pictures… but apparently she also took pictures of the guest room bed…049

But, back to what’s important, the baking….

042 043 044 054 055 056 057 058 062

A few things are made obvious by these photos. 1. Sarah took the pictures and is in none of them. 2) Kurt is getting old. And 3) We are messy bakers…

047 048

And actually needed the dust buster to clean off the table.

The next day, we went to celebrate Kurt’s oldness.

067 068 070 072 073 074 075 083 091 092

This birthday involved some very serious alcohol abuse when Kurt decided to dump his beer all over the table. Good job Kurt.

The day saw much in the way of attempts to play KanJam…well at least on the part of Sarah and myself. We, umm…suck.

093 094 095 102 104 107 108 110 112 118

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Kurt said...

I did NOT dump my beer over the table!!! I would not waste beer like that :-P

Tracy said...

And, my friends, he lies too.