Friday, September 10, 2010

Chronicles of the Unemployed Days 6-7-8

So having read some articles about the best way to approach unemployment (and this was read way before I was unemployed…hmmm), it seems the consensus is to approach unemployment like it IS your job (just with a really crappy paycheck). And so, for the most part, that is what I did last week.

I got up, made hubs his coffee and lunch, took a shower, dressed in my skirts, and attacked job sites like my life depended on it. And boy was I bored—like clawing my eyes out bored.

I also wrote on my blog everyday. It’s become part of my unemployed schedule more or less. It keeps my spelling, grammar and creative juices up to snuff. It makes me accountable to myself in a very concrete way. You will notice, however, that I didn’t blog yesterday. Let us call yesterday a sick day.

I hate my sinuses; they hate me. And they especially attack with is their hard-hitting anvils at night and when I get up. So my morning routine has be slightly altered to this: get up,take drugs, make hub’s coffee and lunch, crawl back to bed to let the drugs kick in…

Wednesday found me in a total haze of exhaustion. I was tired to the bone. Coffee didn’t work. Getting up and moving didn’t work. I was just exhausted beyond explanation. Literally, I have no idea why (Stuff it, Wendy! No I’m not pregnant!) So I went out to my nail appointment (with the intention of then proceeding to do work a the grandpa’s or back at my house). No more nails. I’ve had acrylic nails since my friend married three years ago, but I decided that was not a luxury worth sacrificing for right now. But man, is it weird without those nails. And that is ALL I did Wednesday. I drove to the parents’ intending to do more work on my Grandpa’s house. Fail. Drove home, and took a nap. I don’t nap—like ever. I actually slept. Until My husband called and told me he left his lights on and needed a jump. Don’t we have AAA? But sleep fogged brain didn’t think of this and so I drove all the way to jumps hubs’ car. And then he “made” leftovers for dinner, and I went back to bed.

Thursday was a better day. It still began with the go-back-to-bed-and-let-drugs-kick-in routine, but I had plans for Thursday. I had an interview with an employment agency—I have good vibes about this place. Before the interview I had to take some basic tests of my skills. Final results? I can spell. I have good grammar. I know Microsoft Word and Excel. I CANNOT file. LOL. No wonder I hate filing. Those tests were actually very frustrating. I was worried about the Word and Excel tests because I am so programmed to use shortcuts and the tests don’t recognize all my shortcuts; therefore, I was reduced to having to figure out the long way to complete some tasks. Obviously, those were the tests I shouldn’t have worried about. I retook the test today—I’m hoping the fact that I took the test on sleep-fogged-brain day was my problem.

After my interview, I went to lunch with My mom and “her ladies.” Well actually it was just one of the ladies and Heidi. But it was fun. I was fed. And then I went and put up insulation in my grandpa’s garage. Much, much better than painting fascia board.

Let me tell you about my biggest problem challenge with all this manual labor I’m undertaking at my grandpa’s house. It’s not the blood, sweat and tears work, but rather this:ladderI hate, and I mean HATE, ladders. I have no rational explanation for this hatred. Perhaps it’s tied to my fear of falling. Heights don’t bother me—it’s the falling that freaks. me. out. And so if a ladder is involved, so is a bit of trepidation. And so when Weak-little-Tracy-hand cannot squeeze the staple gun without the help of the other weak-little-Tracy-hand, I get a bit afeared. Now I am stapling, on a ladder, twisting to angle the staple gun correctly WITHOUT HANDS. Gawd that’s scary…

But anyway, that’s what I did yesterday.

Oh yeah. And I made lasagna. Yummm..

Today has begun rather slowly. Yes it involved drugs and letting them kick in time. Now I’m blogging, with some company (Say it with me : “aaaawwww”).


Soon I will head over to do some more scary-being-on-ladder-painting-gawd-awful-fascia-board work. Want to come join me? I had to delay my schedule a bit since the bridge construction ran over and I wished to avoid the traffic delays.

Oh and a question for those of you who made it through that whole long babbling spiel. When you have found the need to cut down your expenses, what have been the most effective cost cutting measures you’ve taken? We’ve already shut down the pool, and conveniently the A/C for the year, but I’m looking for other ideas?  Come out of hiding and leave me some comments? Yes? Ok cool! Thanks.


Eric Knox said...

You dont need to eat anymore, that would probrably save alot of money

Tracy said...

Smart @$$. Thanks for your help.