Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Chronicles of the Unemployed: The Interview (Day 10)

So I had an interview today. *Happy dance* Even if I don’t get the job, it’s progress…employers are calling back and wanting to talk to me. Well, kinda…

See I got an email yesterday from an Employment agency asking for my resume and salary requirements. After confirming that they were legit (since I didn’t contact them), I sent my resume.  Within a few hours I got a call back, asking what I was looking for yada, yada…and would I be interesting in a customer service representative position in Sanborn. To quote my husband: “There are companies in Sanborn? Is it a farm?” Lol.  And by the end of yesterday, an interview for 1 pm today was scheduled.

But before I could go to my interview I had a very important engagement to attend. One of my very good high school friends was sworn in as a United States Citizen. Woohoo. It’s been a long and tough road to this moment. She could’ve quit, but she didn’t. Did I mention she’s in the Air Force too? There is something to be said about Naturalized US Citizens. There is a pride in being an American that no native born citizen can replicate. First post-ceremony act—apply for US passport. Seriously, she applied already. Congrats girl! You did it! I am so proud of you!

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And why didn’t anyone tell me the dress code? Or that Theodore Roosevelt was going to be there?!


After that very momentous occasion, I stopped in to meet the woman at the employment agency (and to find out where exactly I was going since I never got her email). Some snafu where Gmail didn’t forward to my AOL account. Anywho…I would’ve liked to see my face when she told me it was a coaster (like put-your-beer-bottle-on coaster) manufacturer. I think I may have chuckled a little. If I get the job, I guess that’s something I’ll get used to. People giggling when I tell them what I do. As the hubs says “I guess someone has to make them.”

The interview went fairly well I think. It lasted an hour—longest interview I’ve ever had. It was conducted in English and Spanish. According to the Employment agency, they loved me. I’m just that kind of person. smile_teeth It’s a temp to perm job, which is ok actually. I think this is a job I won’t know if I like or what I’ll really be doing until I actually do it. Gives us a chance to work things out. Apparently there’s some travel opportunity as I’ll be a customer service representative dealing with their growing South American Market. But most importantly I get to keep using my Spanish. That’s my primary employment goal…so we’ll see. I should hear by the end of the week.

What else did I do this today? I voted. Not so exciting. And we’re going out to dinner, which we haven’t done in ages. So if the hubs would just get home…


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