Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Chronicles of the Unemployed: Day 11

Today I’m mailing out my thank you notes to my interviewers from yesterday. For a nice touch I’m going to write the one to the Latin American Business Dev. Manager in Spanish. Que bien,no? (pretend there is an upside-down “?” at the beginning of the Spanish question. I don’t know how to do those with a PC—I should figure that out)

I have some plans to go to the grandpa’s and finish up a few projects I’ve been assigned. Maybe I’ll hit up the hardware store and get some rollers and paint brushes for my house. If I do get the job from yesterday, I won’t have much more time to focus on my projects so I gotta get a move on it.

This weekend we had my family over for a campfire. It started like this.

010 011 012 013 014 017 018 019 020 021 022 023 024 028 029 030 081 089

And then at some point, my camera disappeared. And my siblings lost their minds. When I got my camera back, there were almost 200 pictures on it!! WHAT?! Here is just a snippet of my insane siblings’ idea of fun:

Although they are clearly nuts, they did have some good photo-booth-type pictures:

110 111  113 114

116See? Clearly nuts! Eric wears long curly hair well, doesn’t he?

Aside from the insane siblings being at my house, the hubs and I had a super productive weekend.

We installed our new curtain rod and hung our curtains. Really makes the room look different.

002 004  

We finished the fire bowl circle, closed our pool, and now we have our antenna hooked up and working with our TV—for free. In HD. Take that Time Warner! Here is a picture of the hubs hard at work.


And to finish off our weekend (we’re gonna ignore the fact that the Bills failed to play a good game) I did some baking…mmm coconut bars and chocolate covered popcorn.

005  009

Garden is still hard at work…speaking of which, I should go check on it today. Hubs’ hot peppers are still producing and he dehydrated another batch this weekend too.



And to finish, cute kitty pictures. Because everyone loves a cute kitty picture.

001 007   158  

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