Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chronicles of the Unemployed: Day 12

I headed over to the parents’ yesterday to get some work done on the grandpa’s house. But it took me a while to get started. There was a cute little distraction there…

011I mean honestly, who can resist that? Not me.

But a warning to you parents out there. Wendy eats small children for lunch.


I did eventually get to work. I was very productive too. I finished up the fascia board—thank goodness! And then came the fun part. I got to rip cedar shake off the side of the house. Hehe…I’m good at destruction. Although, I am a little sore today.

Nothing else too exciting going on around here. I get to go pick up my tickets for Disney today! Yay! I’m so excited about going on this little trip.

Well off to the hardware store to get those paintbrushes and rollers I didn’t get yesterday.

And to close, a little snippet of some of the “keeping busy” I’ve been doing.


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