Friday, September 17, 2010

Chronicles of the Unemployed: The waiting game Day 13

So I should hear about the coaster job today. I think I want it. I really do. But I could also get used to this being-home-thing. That is if I knew the being-home-thing was permanent. See it’s like this. Because I’m unemployed and not intending to stay that way—for the time being anyway, who knows what’s in the cards for the future—it’s hard to make plans.

In the mornings I usually do a little job-hunting-type-stuff. My week’s plans could change with a phone call setting up an interview. And of course because I’m in looking for a job mode, I have to go to those interviews. That means no doing anything messy—like painting or demolition—on the day of said interviews. 

But, you know what would be most awesome? I get a job obviously. But how I would love a delayed start date. A delay long enough that I can plan a trip to the grandparents’ house. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been to visit. Once I start a new job, I can’t take time off for a bit (besides my Disney—woohoo—trip that’s already planned). Definitely not enough time off for a trip. I wish it was cheaper and easier to fly there—cuz I’d totally be into that. They aren’t getting younger. I also have a bunch of new cousins and wee cousins that are getting bigger everyday. I have aunts who I don’t see nearly enough. Family is important; I just wish I could see everyone more. And if I have a job, I don’t have to feel guilty about how much gas would cost yada, yada…or missing interviews, or not being able to take a job because I’m not home.

If I get the coaster job I would have one more week free most likely. But I’m going to Seattle for the weekend, soo…

Speaking of which, I am looking forward to Seattle quite a bit. I will be helping to present a workshop for AFS (which I’ve talked about here and here and here) on how to integrate our energetic young Returnee population into our pool of volunteers. It is something I’ve been pushing towards for a while (I talked about it a little here). There will be something like 120 participants at this conference. This is one of the first steps we are taking to actively begin pushing for the integration. We’ve done a lot of prep work, goal planning, defining and introductions of our Initiative, but this is the big launch. We’re putting it out there. So AFS volunteers, buy into it will you? Please? Kthanksbye.

So hopefully there will be another post today…like an I-got-a-job-post. I mean it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but…you know, hopes up and all that jazz. Fingers crossed.

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