Monday, September 20, 2010

Cut it out will ya?

That getting older thing…you. need. to. stop. Now! Because if you are getting older, what does that say about me?

Little babies starting preschool?

Young school kids in High School?

My little sister is of legal drinking age? Say what?! Now I only have three siblings that CANNOT drink with me at a bar. I don’t know what to say…or do…or feel! Gawd I need a drink.


My artwork (not my best, but it’ll do):


She has a drink in her hand and it’s not Sprite!


The night’s entertainment consisted of brought-to-you-by-technology-activities.

There was a fierce Worms competition:

016 018 019 020

Turning 21 doesn’t mean you are good at Worms. Right, Heidi?


And then there was a insane competitive tournament of Mario Strikers on the Wii.

 030  050049 

I need to figure out how to upload a video into my blog…Sarah=hilarious!


Yes my mom “played” too! Although her skills are questionable.


Good Food. Good fun. Good company (even my in-laws came, but I never seem to get pictures of them)

027 044 045 046

Cut it out, you two…couldn’t get a decent pc of hubs and I because some people can’t behave.


Happy *cough, cough, wheeze, gasp* 21st *ouch* Heidi!

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